10 Conversations You Must Have With Yourself

Conversation with Yourself

Is it justified to talk to self? What actually can be talked to someone who has been an integral part of self..the one who knows each and everything about us, all the good deeds and the vices, all the secrets and the flaws under one umbrella—the most secretive and secured zone—our mind.. Alas! This could be true.. It happens very rare that one explores a complex tapestry of solitude, silence, truth, power lying here there amidst quaint village of excursion, noise, rituals, festivals, boarding and meals..!!! Wish each nook and corner of our heart was the perfect hub for a retreat on self-exploration!!

An exercise to enclave and embark a line, design, innovate, manage, sculpt and colour the homage of hidden tragedies gives a way to rugged paths. Often we forget, the revolution of negative vibes within one’s compassionate heart defuses every ounce of creativity. There’s a miniature painting, a potential minefield, a cartel of inspiration, an incessant flow of conversation that needs a ground for locating the floating candle and natural pigments.

Conversations with self is gravitating benchmark needed to hold mind and heart in harmony. Pearls owe their sunshine to the diligent effort put in fearlessly by the series of iconic structures at the appropriate moment. One needs to freelance her/his heart and connect an internal call..!!!

Underlying 10 reasons makes conversation with self as ‘the most important protocol’ to produce a six-abs magnetic circumference to have the best catwalk ever..a flawless foundation that each one of us desires for.. We all gotta sail and celebrate our existence.. 🙂

1. Break-free the clutter to grab self-attention. Often, the beast inside becomes show-stopper by forming a public bandwagon.

2. Garner, discover, idolize, encourage and value the guardian angel, only conversing will help!! 🙂

3. Spin and magnetise one’s inner pedestal for a new beginning. All Illegal structures wait for a clean-up session, it’s just how early one realizes is important & relevant.

4. Seek attunement and alignment to reiterate the promise of recognizing energy and power lying dormant. Just a hit can introduce new shades.. 🙂

5. Go beyond the textbook and the usual polite conversation, try to really get oneself enthusiastic about dream-ideas and projects unfulfilled till date. Get Up!!!!

6. Beautifying small simple expressions, definitely, calls for a heart-to-heart conversation.

7. Get over prejudices and preconceived ideas with a realistic approach. Discard the cowards and straighten the tie, it helps!!! 🙂

8. A Rap-Up Session will grab one’s own eyeballs and create goodwill.. It may say – ‘High time, WAKE UP!!!’

9. Lambasted conscience seeks a Comfort-Zone, tête-à-tête with the Finest Coach & Trainer (who other than ‘Oneself’) surpasses all results!! A distinction is assured!

10. Compose a catchy jingle about self and talk, and probably, a Loud Crash can happen..  Crunch the harbinger of hay while things..!!!

Such Viral hits facilitates pygmies find a home. Awaken Brave-hearts!!! Talking to self can create wonders fall onto one’s passage.. Shift the sand and water the defaced, defiled and derailed dialogue..it may look muddy in the beginning but will bear fruits, for sure!!

–Dr. Priyanka Jain