10 Fauja Singh Quotes to Keep you Up and Running in Life

Fauja Singh back in 2012.  Photo Courtesy: ESPN

Fauja Singh, back in 2012. Photo Courtesy: ESPN

Now 103 year-old Fauja Singh is believed to be the oldest marathon runner in human history. Two years ago, he set eight world age group records in a single day at the special Ontario Masters Association Fauja Singh Invitational Meet, held at Birchmount Stadium in Toronto. Singh set his best time for the full marathon at the 2003 Toronto Marathon by completing it within 5 hours and 40 minutes. He retired from from competitive races in February last year after successfully completing a 10 Km race in Hong Kong.
Singh continues to jog and exercise everyday and isn’t worried about how life unfolds for him in coming months and years.

Following are some of his notable quotes and advice that will help you keep yourself up and running in Life:

“Living life is like running a marathon. It takes a lot of courage and tenacity to keep going till the end.”

“Laughter and happiness is what life should be about, that’s your remedy for everything.”

“Running Makes you more spiritually aware and in tune with your inner-self.”

“There are two noble things in life: One to do charity; and other to look after your body.”

“Running has made my life worthwhile. I used to be more dead than alive after the personal tragedy in my life.”

“I have retired but only in body. Spiritually, I still feel able.”

“The moment I fell in love with running, I started forgetting my grief and traumas.”

“I have approached each race without any stress. It is as if I am attending a wedding.”

“Life is a waste without humor — living is all about happiness and laughter.”

“I am inspired by honest people who don’t cheat others. To me the famous are those who are kind to fellow human beings and dedicate their life to charity.”

Source of Quotes: ESPN, Guardian, CNN