10 Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

Almost every episode starts with a desperate scream of how to eat Jerry! Tom uses every strategy, tools and weapons to kill Jerry, and Jerry keeps finding relevant means of way to escape. He comes out unhurt even if Tom successfully swallows him. Sometimes, the fight takes an ugly and destructive shape compelling Jerry to uses explosives to blow up Tom’s face or portion of body but he never intends to kill him. After the temporary journey of pain, sufferings, and tortures, Jerry always wins and proves size does not always matter. Both Tom and Jerry have their own challenges, adversaries but they were born to never give up; they bounce back with victories.

Here are 10 life lessons we can learn from these two legendary cartoon characters:

1. We fight with our nearest and dearest ones because we feel it is our right. Well, it doesn’t really matter how much or how many times we fight; what matters is do we provide emotional security in the face of threats? Do we offer our shoulders when they are in need of us or stand by them when they feel isolated? Do we let them feel the indissoluble bond with them? Do you share our happiness in the wonderland of life?

2. If you are witty and poised then your size does not matter at all. A weak might get frightened for a moment but he can win over the strongest with his intelligence and great wits. Jerry doesn’t do heroic works, he just makes the best use of his brain and wins. If you ever feel lost, humiliated, disappointed, or weak, return to yourself and try to explore your strength. “you never know how strong you are… until being strong is the only choice you have.” ― Cayla Mills

3. Confidence matters. Eleanor Roosevelt has said it best, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Jerry ultimately wins and brims with confidence. He knows very well how to escape all the obstacles regardless of how many times he stumbles on it.

4. At times, your best friend might behave roughly or seem to be your greatest enemy. It’s not the time to express your anger in foul language and prove him or her wrong. It is quite likely that your friend expects you to be more sensible and wise in difficult situations and wants you to acknowledge your mistake. Compassion and love are expressed in a variety of ways anger is one of them.

5. A little home, sufficient food and a true friend are enough to be happy.

6. Sometimes we don’t actually learn from our failures, Tom attacks Jerry in almost the same patterns and as usual Jerry escapes.

7. Even a small little thing can make you feel how diminutive you are in front of his/her guts, courage and confidence. Stay grounded and rooted; and never humiliate somebody for their height or size.

8. Sometimes you feel that you are the best person to know how to make something happen and you have seen it every way without having a slightest idea that there is somebody who knows it better than you.

9. Sometimes, some tricks that we consider idiotic or meaningless work wonders.

10. Be prepare to face difficulties even if you have had enough of it. There is an old saying, “Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise!” Be prepared and let them come and get you bothered; they will make you stronger and wiser as a person. It often happens that whenever Tom thinks that all is done Jerry plays his card and wins.