10 Ways to Find Tranquility of Mind within Minutes

tranquility of mind

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” ~Brian Tracy

Think of peace before power. Do everything with an alert and receptive mind in a calm and poised spirit. Strive to find inner peace before accomplishment, and discover happiness even if your whole world seems to have turned topsy-turvy. In life, you are bound to have personal adversities of varying degrees and only peace can make you float freely and serenely into the horizon. It makes you stronger with the feeling of emotional fulfillment and gives you greater understanding of life. Peace is not a destination you have to reach, it already exists within and you just to have to feel it. Let’s find out the ways…

1. Discover a new perspective

Conquer adversity with dignity, faith and positive perspective. Stress and problems overwhelm us. They create inner conflicts and augment pain which can easily be eliminated by employing different perceptions to the situations to preserve the peace of mind. Sometimes things are not as worse as we assume them to be and just a pinch of positive attitude can make things better and set us free from unnecessary pressure.

2. Play some soothing music

Music is the strongest magic that abolishes strife within by dissolving perplexities and bringing peace, joy and consolation. Chose any light and soothing music you will immediately be solaced and relaxed and refreshed.

3. Focus on learning

The journey you choose is never easy and you are bound to stumble upon the bumpy rough roads and feel pain; but be watchful about your reactions and responses towards them. Focus on learning rather than pain as it will snatch your inner peace away and make you restless and miserable.

4. Meditate

Beauty of life depends on the quality of your thoughts that set you free from the occupied mind that is attachment of your own smallness and insignificance. This triviality causes stupidity, self-indulgence, destructiveness, and shortsightedness and breaks your internal peace. So MEDITATE. Meditation takes you to the extraordinary stillness where you can dwell on peace to understand immeasurability of life.

5. Be hopeful for positive action

Stars are always bright, vivid and brilliant in the night. Try looking for them whenever you are in desolation and they will empower you with strength, courage and determination to live the dream or the wish you have hoped for.

6. Make a visit to the positive scenario

Being optimistic doesn’t mean denying the difficulties or uglier sides of life, it means listening to yourself peacefully and quietly and focusing on positive sides of things when darkness seems to grip you with its predicament. It will take your stress away and calm you down.

7. Open up to a person or call a friend you have faith in

“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet.
Even longer,’ Pooh answered.” ― A.A. Milne

Life is awfully treacherous and ugly if there is no friend to share happiness and pain with. Don’t find yourself alone in such situations. Call your friend or open up to a person you trust the most and permit him or her to stand beside. Remember, you are not alone feeling emotionally broken or suffering from such weird, and embarrassing circumstances, everybody has their own story and share of pain. If you tell yourself to feel good regardless of whatever happens, you will feel fine.

8. Smile

Smile is the warmth that rushes through you and fills with joy; smile is the spirit that brings positive thoughts; smile is the peace and love in the face of evil thoughts; and smile is the Sun that brightens your ambiance when it is raining outside. Therefore, smile as often you can 🙂

9. Relax yourself with yoga or breathing exercise

Yoga poses are much more than only simple exercises. It helps you find peace within yourself, listen to the teaching of your soul, learn to perceive the reality deeply and clearly and respond honestly to the clearly professed reality, recognize the condition of happiness that you already have and expand your vision of what’s possible and explore the richness of beauty, courage, dignity, love and wisdom. Do some yoga poses to feel relaxed and comfortable immediately.

10. Write down the things you are upset for

When you are clear about the things you are upset for, it becomes easy to eliminate or work on them. Write them up with your self-knowledge and reassurance. Sometimes we react in an explosive outburst, often disproportionately to their importance. When something causes pain to us, it may be difficult to put in perspective because our feelings seem very powerful. Though we know from past experience that in a couple of days or weeks we are unlikely to feel so strongly about it.

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