12 Signs You are on the Right Track

Path to Enlightenment

How often have you wondered whether or not you are heading in right direction? Have you ever tried to reaffirm your vision, decision and action? If you haven’t ever, then you never tried to realize their significance or you passed them off to something else.

If you have never felt the ‘satisfactory exhaustion’ with ‘I am completely done with TODAY’ and jumped out of your bed in the morning with the excitement ‘I have wonderful plan for today’, then your life is certainly a monotonous journey. Make your life a grand adventure. The wonderful thing is that we have potential to do something astounding and we are passionate, intense and thoughtful from within, we just have to awaken the sleeping giant within. Here are 12 signs to contemplate if your footsteps are leading you where you crave to:

1. Have a plan for every week, every month and every year

It is not the mountain you have conquered rather the tiny pebbles that are pinching your foot and preventing from moving forward. Don’t vision your goal as a whole if it startles you and have your plans ready for every week, every month and every year. Confidence comes from preparation under the quest of achieving something splendid and steadily improves from successful accomplishment of tiny plans systematically.

2. You feel fulfilled and accomplished before falling asleep

Feeling fulfilled or accomplished is the supreme satisfaction at the end of the day and real accomplishment isn’t what you feel while lounging around doing nothing but is when you’ve done what you were supposed to do regardless of consequences.

3. Wake up with the excitement that you have great ideas and plan ahead to carry out

Some wake up dull, dead and drowsy but some wake up energized and excited in the wonderful time of morning without being affected of yesterday’s memory or experience and start with a brand new plan. Let the morning sun warm your room, dissolve the darkness and let you pull up from your tangled bed. It is time not to dream your dream but to wake up and bring it in your life through real and effective plans.

4. My life is a magnificent adventure that enjoys the journey

In life whatever you imagine or dream of is real and possible and to make yourself believe in it you’ll have to eliminate your obstinacy to engage in new circumstances, and get rid of your seeking of secured future or fear of losing your property and possessions. Be inquisitive through every hour to develop the sense of adventure because without it life is in full decay.

5.Biting off the share you can perfectly and comfortably chew and swallow

Discernment of how much can you perfectly chew and shallow is the result of good judgment and source of self-control and self-discipline that keeps your conscience clean. It doesn’t matter how little bite you take what matters is whether or not you can effortlessly and easily swallow it. When you are completely aware and awaken about your capacity, you know what you are supposed to be that matters to you.

6. You are living the life you want and doing what you love doing

Rising, shining, then scattering and finally fading is the common story of life but happiest people are those who do what makes them feel connected to, stimulated and energized and aren’t subject to any constraint in spite of having the best of everything. They produce joy for themselves and everyone around. Happiest people stay young forever and they seem to die young.

7. You understand yourself well

Exploring yourself is the most remarkable, adventurous, interesting and exciting journey you can embark on. In the journey of lightening up on yourself, you find faults to be corrected, revitalizing facts to be thrilled, treasured pieces to be nourished and several hidden positive facts to be nurtured. With profound self-knowledge and self understanding, you can hear what your inner voice whispers about your yearnings of truest selves.

8. You are not too hard on yourself or extremely self-critical

Love and respect yourself and never be too forceful to yourself to fit in when you are here to stand out. If you mistrust or hate yourself just because of drama-filled past or can’t take yourself as you are then nobody else will ever. Instead of wondering about what other people think about you, just be authentically true to yourself and accept the way you are, you will see you are surrounded with loving and caring people who deserve to be with you and feel the world is the most beautiful place to live. The way you treat yourself sets standard for others to treat you.

9. You are not frightened of crisis

The greatest battle of life is the courage vs. fear; in fact, life expands or shrinks on the proportion of courage and fear. We are afraid of ‘FEAR’ and yet it’s we ourselves generate fear in our heart that ultimately breeds the atmosphere of defeat and approves our interpretation that ‘we’ve already failed’. When you are completely free of any kind of fear, nothing truly can hold you back from walking on the right path.

10. Getting closer to your goal

Having a goal doesn’t guarantee one will reach or accomplish it. It is important to keep refreshing your goals in your mind and keep inspecting and measuring your progress towards it by taking proper actions. Employing right practice of assessment spawns interest in moving forwards and getting closer to your goal consistently every day. It’s the feeling of having your dream come true with tiny steps make life interesting and worth living.

11. You do a lot of fun with your friends

Have a lot of fun, go crazy and at times go weird along with your nearest and dearest ones. Don’t be clock watcher because it will take your precious time (worth spending hanging out with friends) away without your conscience.

12. You smile more that you glare

Smile is the source of joy and beginning of love; therefore learn to smile even in your hardest hours of grief, smile even if you are worn out or tired or your tears are trying to blur your vision. Instead of mourning over the ups and downs, and glaring to your troubles, extract the joy of life with smile. A smile needs a split second to arrive but can leave the life-time impression and has potential to turn the whole life around.

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