13 Things You Wish You Knew By The Time You Turned 20

Wish Cup

A new life, a new avenue awaits for every soul after getting nourished under the shade of parents and family till one reaches the ‘Exit’ door of this protected shield – the Teenage..!! The bundle of experience one learns through all these caring, immature years help set the foundation for the rest of the life!!!

“When cold engulfs the air, the warmth of mother wraps all fear..
When hot is the wave, the strength of father sets it straight..!!”

Mostly, all of us ignore the very reason what we are at the age of Twenty is just because of the nurturing forming the circumference of the body we are in.

Uncountable factors forces the bandwagon to reach the upper side of the hill in the manifestation of certain qualms or shall I say long-lasting imprints that will keep dominating rest of the life.

1. One’s Life isn’t just her/his own, it is the outcome of the hardships and sacrifices of their parents. Often, one forgets to express gratitude for all the good deeds done by them.

2. Life isn’t just a cakewalk, there’s a huge ball of opportunity all set to be played and complied with.

3. Relations are the outer shell of body that sails each small and big tornado. Never forget – they warm & charm and pulls out of harm!!

4. Every person one meets carries a ‘reason’ along. Some may help lead, others may dwell weed.

5. Fun falls in the category of ‘refreshing’ without harming others and not ‘rejuvenating’ by burning the hard-earned money & reputation of parents through spirits and flames!!

6. Right direction lays down a river full of constructive, valuable minerals, components can shape up to the largest reservoir of success, happiness and peace of mind.

7. Technology, if used as per the optimized capacity provides basket full of information else a bane that destroys the gravity of its connectivity(with family and friends).

8. Service to the society, compassion & kindness for the needy, care & respect of the elders, harmony & peace for the mankind, if recited till this age will remain deep in heart forever like a beautiful song.

9. Few good habits maketh the genuine person of valid sunshine ready to bloom every season – spring spell , autumn downpour, summer breeze and rainy pearls.

10. Importance of time cannot defy or defend anything..just anything.. Time, as they say, is like running water in the river, once gone can never be touched ever.

11. Keeping clutter of all kinds out at an arm’s distance lets one smile, which otherwise is bit tough.

12. A postcard mentioning the treasured and cherished moments infuses power of zillion tons to release tensions in the coming years!!

13. Inhaling Positivism during Days, Nights, Mornings and Evenings train one as a Healthy, Happy and Happening Healer!!!

Everyone wants to park their car under the shade but how many are willing to create them? Time may go out but leaves a lesson behind..To every individual is a responsibility assigned, how effectively and efficiently the execution takes place makes all the difference.

“Wish things were known when I was twenty..
Life would have sailed at a better bounty..!!!”