13-Year-Old British Boy Jamie Edwards Becomes the Youngest to Build Fusion Reactor

Jamie Edwards

Thirteen-year-old self-proclaimed ‘amateur nuclear scientist’ Jamie Edwards has become the World’s youngest person to accomplish nuclear fusion from scratch at his school Priory Academy’ science laboratory by using high energy to smash two hydrogen atoms together to make helium – this a nuclear reaction is called nuclear fusion. “It is such an incredible and magnificent achievement that sometimes I can’t really believe it is really done. But still all my friends consider me to be mad” he said.

From the young age Edwards was interested in science and often assisted in his older brother Danny’s science homework. One day while studying about radiation on the Internet, he came to know about Taylor Wilson and his nuclear reactor and found the phenomenon to be very interesting. He as well as one of his like-minded friend George Barker, who has helped him in his administrative work, started trying to create the nuclear fusion reactor but couldn’t raise the funds to support the project. He also visited various nuclear laboratories of universities but couldn’t receive a warm welcome and finally he convinced his teacher Jim Hourigan at Priory Academy by giving a presentation about the plan and safety measures for the school.
Finally, he managed resources to continue on the project and within five months he successfully completed the task.

It’s not the first time someone created a nuclear fusion at such young age – 14-year old American Taylor Wilson won the world record for being the youngest ‘fusioneer’ in 2008 and Edwards has broken his record by accomplishing the same task at that age 13.

Photo Courtesy: dailymail.co.uk