15 Hardest Things You Do To Be Successful

Hard Things

1. Wake up earlier than you usually do. Unless you get up earlier and start working for your dream, you really are not ready for achieving more than your own expectations.

2. You have to push yourself harder and drive beyond the limit or line you have drawn for yourself.
Accomplish the most difficult and painful task you have avoided so far.
Confront the situation you are insecure of.

3. You have to make mistakes, fail better fail again, learn lessons from them and keep trying until you get the work done.

4. Don’t try to look smart especially when you don’t know the answer.

5. Walk on the road you abandoned without any excuse (It might be the one you were looking for so long)

6. You hold yourself accountable for your actions and outcomes and never make a single excuse.

7. You feel the desperation within to reach the outrageous feat of success. It is ordinary people who accomplish whatever they desire with their spirit, hard work, consistency and persistency.

8. Keep moving forward even if the road in front of you seems tumultuous and volatile.

9. You have to keep fighting throughout the journey even if you are completely exhausted, injured and tired.

10. Go deep and search for the details when you can shrug off the responsibility easily as an excuse.

11. You do not go by the popular beliefs. Instead you search for your own explanation for acceptance of the things.

12. Invest in yourself even if nobody does or desires to.

13. Sometimes you reflect on your own mistakes and learn lessons from them (it might seem a foolish act but significant for personal improvement)

14. You dare to produce results under tight deadline and surmounting pressure.

15. Lead even if nobody wants to follow you (hardest part but it’s the start)

If you find the things above to be avoidable, you must condition yourself for the consequences – ‘live a life of mediocrity and stay ordinary without much desire or dream to be something’ (as you have chosen not to go for the hardest things), ‘give a huge applause for others’ success and don’t think of owning any of them’, ‘don’t be a desperado for outrageous success since you don’t feel desperation for working hard’.

When you don’t wish to come out of your comfort zone and try something new and seemingly difficult, you never know how infinitely powerful you are or to what extent you can go.
You’ve got just one life and there is no harm exploring your infinite-self. Does it really matter if you are torn up in the end?