15 Ways You Can Make Life More Meaningful


Everybody is in search of a question that lingers on for ages and ages, without knowing that dormant seeds shape our thoughts, words, habits and personality. Are we born just to relish the so-called beauty of life or to soak into our soul the real happiness of the beautiful fruit called Life?? The answer remains out of sight or shall I say, never on the sight. The quest is unknown throughout the journey..

Few, very few people understand this simple question. What is the purpose of our life? Why did we come over? Just to have material success, money..to indulge into worldly affairs and spend the minutes and days and months like this??? We all want to know the answer to this question at some point of time in our life, even if it lives few seconds/minutes life..

The urge goes desperate at times and slows the next moment, but never fades off.. Let’s make this life more meaningful by leading a contented life and not running from one rift to another filling it with all useless thoughts.

The most important is to make yourself feel worth without which no material success can ever give the feel of joy or happiness..

Fifteen Ways to make your Life More Meaningful

1. Stay with yourself for at least two minutes daily.
2. Combine fun and smile. When smiling have fun, when having fun SMILE..
3. Everyone has problems, that shouldn’t refrain the life out of one’s life. Slow down but don’t stop.
4. Drink a glass of water, few drops of lime juice and a dash of sugar. It will squeeze all negativity and refresh the mightiest organ.
5. Complaining and hurting self leads to High BP, Headache and bad digestion system.
6. Compliments and comments work. Complimenting often breaks in long-lying icebergs in our heart.
7. Joy in heart enhances the glory of face and pumps in thousand gallons of blood.
8. Aim. Explore. Achieve. Celebrate. Relax!!!
9. Give each relationship due respect and time. You never know when a small gesture may turn the course of life.
10. Cultivate few good deeds and let them turn into habits. Make sure this reaches to your surroundings & off-springs too.
11. Plant a companion in your backyard or garden or a simple glass bottle, even plastic bottles too can hold the loveliest creation of Mother Nature. It enhances mood and busts off the stress.
12. Make music and books your friends for each phase of life. It eats up negativity and soothes/calms you.
13. Love your parents – do small bit as and when you can. It nourishes your soul and soaks their soul with contentment. And what comes in turn is beyond measure – Blessings..
14. Donate Blood, for it serves the platform of Supreme Delight and a chance for another soul to pursue incomplete dreams.
15. Share your food, clothes once in a while with someone whose pocket doesn’t allow to suffice his basic needs.