Angad Daryani Quit School in 9th Grade and Invented Eye-pad, a Virtual Brailler

Angad Daryani

15-year-old Angad Daryani, a highly intellectual, developer and inventor from Mumbai, left his school at the 9th grade to invest his precious time in pursuing his passion of creating and improvising things around. “My interests required a proper and profound investment of time; therefore, homeschooling was the best option for me. Having finished my 10th grade study in the 9th grade, I decided to quit school and hence I did” says Angad. Besides developing automobile, product design, robotics, electronic art, and doing mechatronics projects based on Open Source Software and Hardware, he does research on the symbiotic behavior of aquatic animals including sharks.

At the tender age, he began to show his genius; at 8 he developed Lego Mindstorm Humanoid Robot, at 9 he created Breathing System, Pinhole Camera, Plastic Kaleidoscope and several other significant things including Hand gesture controlled vehicle, 3D printer (the robust desktop 3D printer that will print any material except for metal), Space Balloon Project with ICI, Virtual Brailler with MIT. Virtual Brailler is his most recent and highly acclaimed invention and the device will help millions of visually impaired people be converting digital text from Roman to Braille. Brailler will assist them providing tactile braille feedback by tracking their finger progress on it.
As a child, he would love to watch programs on Discovery and National Geographic channel and some other creative programs that ignited his interest in researching and knowing different creatures in-depth including sharks and experimenting with variety of new things that ultimately led him to invent numerous noteworthy things. Team Success Stories wish Angad Daryani all the very best 🙂