20 Character Building Thoughts For Children

“If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.” ~Brian Tracy

Photo by Jose Maria Cuellar

In the midst of making our children successful – academically, socially and economically – we have completely disregarded the significance of structured character education. This is one of the key reasons why our children have hard time to breathe in fresh air. Today, the grave issues such as youth violence, gang activity, school dropouts, juvenile delinquency, and teen pregnancy are lurking everywhere putting entire future generation at stake.

Character is the foundation on which our entire life is built; therefore, instilling the values of respect, honesty, integrity, responsibility, equality, sincerity, compassion, and citizenship reinforce a better and stronger social structure.

It is high time for us as parents to encourage and assist our children to develop the required qualities and initiate adopting the following thoughts:

1. I am the person of my definition regardless of imperfections where my beauty and genius lies. I feel energetic riding on my own distinct spirit; I feel enlightened with the light of my inner guidance; I am bit-by-bit ORIGINAL made of my sincerity for being myself.

2. I treat people the way I wish to be treated. I stand for my own values, love, compassion, sincerity, generosity, loyalty and equality. They are my guiding stars that lead me to the right path.

3. Every person deserves courtesy and kind consideration; therefore I give constructive criticism as well as compliments while being involved in a conversation. If I feel I can’t, then I prefer to be silent than being involved in an unnecessary gossip.

4. Whenever I feel low and distressed I don’t nurture negative thoughts; I rather prefer to take assistance of my positive thoughts that have profound influence on my day-to-day decisions.

5. Whenever I indulge in my neat, beautiful and profound insights, I find my liberty of being happy has not been compromised in any way; because I believe true happiness lies in sharing. It enriches my knowledge and makes me wiser.

6. I feel I am successful as I make sure my growth is consistent and progress is unstoppable. It doesn’t matter how many times I fail as long as I get up and go ahead with positive attitude and stronger spirit.

7. When I reflect on my present disposition, I feel grateful and thankful for whatever I am blessed with – supporting family, and good friends around.

8. I feel no temptation for controlling the external factors, I govern myself with my own discipline and external factors are automatically controlled.

9. I believe mistakes are stepping stones to success; therefore, if I make mistakes, I don’t hesitate accepting and learning from them.

10. I believe life is a beautiful interval between birth and death so there is no point dragging the trivial things and wasting priceless minutes. I always try to make my life wonderful and creative, each and every day.

11. There are several terrible and unfortunate things that never happen; it is our worry that rake them into our life. Moreover, it has abundant detrimental impact upon health, peace, love and energy. Therefore, I always try to worry less and act more.

12. I try my best to apply my time wisely, because when I use them sensibly I have enough time to spend on other significant things.

13. I never make promises lightly but Whenever I do, I try to keep them with my best possibilities.

14. I have a clear vision of my destination, I have proper plan for it and most importantly I am working on it.

15. I am polite and help my friends in their needs and I feel privileged to get helped whenever I’m in need; though I don’t expect it.

16. I maintain discipline that offers my mind freedom and confidence for accomplishing the seemingly impossible tasks.

17. I am flexible to change. At times, it does accompany disadvantages and discomfort but I don’t get frightened as it also brings new experiences and a broader horizon for me.

18. I don’t desire for excess expenses, I purchase only those things that I need; therefore I can wisely use my savings.

19. All that glitters is not gold! What I see doesn’t necessarily be right, so I don’t make decisions without knowing the fact.

20. True friends can change my life, so I try to be true and honest. I tell my friends the truth and acknowledge their assistance in difficult times.