25 Universal Truths that will Make you More Successful and Dynamic


1. A job is nothing but uninteresting and inanimated thing whereas passion infuses ‘YOURSELF’ into it and brings out the real richness of life. So honor the calling of your passion. Material success might get you higher social status and wealth of material possessions but passion is a spiritual success that offers the sense of freedom, fulfillment, joy and happiness.

2. Stop beating yourself up, dwelling in the trench of despair, grousing over squandered time and grieving over gone opportunity because it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you stand up and carry on. Growth is life and stillness is death.

3. Have faith in self; else, the deadly seeds of doubt will make your failure inevitably permanent. Envisage yourself at the finishing line and be inexorable, relentless, consistent and fervent in racing and reaching towards the finishing line. When you can conceive something, believe it by heart and feel crazy about it, you can accomplish anything and everything. Faith has immense power to shorten the further distance of your destination.

4. Falling is inevitable but quitting is optional. Every failure is a lesson that actually lays the institution of positive change and success. If you submit yourself to failure or fear of failure then someday you will regret the folly of not committing when you had the opportunity. You might end up sobbing on ‘Could-have-beens’ or ‘Might-have-beens’.

5. Life is very short; therefore try to make it more meaningful and live it at the fullest with love, passion, elegance, generosity, humor and compassion.

6. Remember optimism is the most significant human trait that initiates creativity, improves situations, and helps develop positive attitude. In short, optimism defines and defends you. Also be careful about people you are surrounded by. Positivity is contagious.

7. Complaining is the symptoms of mediocre intellect and inferior soul. Complainers die disappointed and frustrated but winners never let the devil (their complaining spirit) to ride them and take away their blessings and rejoice.

8. Belief is the most powerful tool that can create you, empower you or disempower you and tear you down. The limitations that weigh heavily upon your spirit, the rock of despair that chains you, pain and grief that overwhelms and narrow congested limits are given by your physical life.

9. Be crystal clear about your goal but be flexible in embracing the rules of exceptions if the circumstances change.

10. Be happy with your own status and accomplishment. It doesn’t matter how much you achieve, there will always be people who have more than you.

11. Having more or accomplishing more doesn’t guaranty your happiness as it is a state of mind and you can be happy with whatever you have or postpone for the future when you will have what you desire for.

12. No matter how hard you try, how much struggle you put yourself through, life is never perfect. Better you release yourself from the imprisonment of imperfection and embrace the beauty of life and work on yourself with love, compassion and humor.

13. You have no control over external factors and circumstances; however, you certainly have control on your own reaction and responses towards them. Take charge of your attitude and before the external factors take charge of your feelings and emotions. Remember, circumstances can’t create a person but it certainly can disclose you as how you are built as a person.

14. Mastering any skill is required in today’s consistent and conscious practice and dedication. Malcolm Gladwell has explicitly mentioned that nobody succeed only with their innate talent or skills but with practice and preparation. According to his ‘ten-thousand-hour rule’ in the book Outliers, “anybody even with small intellect can be exceptional in his or her field by devoting ten thousand hours.”

15. Creativity or innovation are not innate and therefore can be learned by rigorous practice with distinctive or sometimes weird thinking and imagination that would break down the traditional established pattern. Having a good sense is surely not necessary to be creative as it prevents you from thinking insanely or out of the box.

16. Criticism often sound unpleasant but it is essential to excel in life. Learn to endure constructive criticism without resentment and work on it for your improvement. When the criticism is negative, throw it out without wasting a split second.

17. If there is any secret of success, it is exploring and having faith in YOURSELF. You will stumble upon the remarkable fact that there is nothing beyond your capacity. It is infinite. Sincerity, consistency of purpose, dedication, hard work, patience and perseverance are seeded within you; therefore discovering yourself means having them all at once.

18. When you think big and dream impossible there will be several times you feel like giving up, there will be many people who would say ‘No’. If you quit and don’t go beyond, you would never know what reward could you have there.

19. The more relaxed and easy you are with failure, the more successful you become.

20. Discuss prospect and possibilities not impossibilities, focus on what you want not what you actually don’t.

21. Welcome every morning with a positive action – SMILE that will echo throughout the day and keep nourishing you with positivity vitality, and strength.

22. There will be times in life when you have to work with impossible personalities without being allowed to raise your voice or argue with them. Be courteous and respectful to your job and move on.

23. Remember the major value of life isn’t what you have but what you become with what you have. Therefore, try to become the man of value.

24. Financial freedom isn’t about having infinite amount of money in your bank account to spend on whatever you wish to have and if it is then you will never be financially free. No amount of wealth can make you feel wealthy if you don’t know how to manage your money.

25. Don’t desire to be rich rather commit to it; don’t think of what you already know rather learn consistently and grow; don’t focus on obstacle rather grab the opportunity; don’t think of “either/or” rather think about “both”; don’t play to lose the game rather play to win.

Image Courtesy: Alice Popkorn
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