30 Modest Things that Make a Grand Difference in your Everyday Life


Life is not made up of great sacrifices or duties but of tiny little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort. – Humphry Davy

Little things seem to be nothing or of least importance but these tiny things make us laugh, cry and smile. They make us feel special, give peace soul and most importantly make big things happen. Don’t lose sight of those little things that make big difference in your day. Someday you may look back on those wonderful memories and laugh.

1. A passionate hug in the morning bed. Pillow is the option but the best is from someone you love and feel quite comfortable with. It’s not just the hold but the bond of love, trust and honesty.

2. Enjoying the aroma of your favorite flower while enjoying hot tea or coffee in your morning bed.

3. 10 to 15 minutes of deep breathing (may be Pranayam) in the early morning.

4. Reading your favorite book or thinking of solution in the pin-drop silence of morning hour when there is nobody around to knock you for anything.

5. Taking pleasure of rustle of autumn leaves while walking on a gentle sunny morning of October.

6. Get half an hour extra sleep (especially in lazy winter mornings of December)

7. Receiving an unexpected phone call from your long forgotten school friend you have a lot of good memories with.

8. Extending a small gesture of courtesy to someone who needs that most for the moment.

9. Smile from a stranger (epically from a child) while returning home from your hectic day.

10. Learning a new skill that demands creativity; or learning a programming language on your own.

11. Finding the money in your old pant pocket you kept but forgot about it.

12. A bouquet of red rose you didn’t expect.

13. A small change in your daily routine that actually makes you feel excited and enthusiastic about life.

14. Giving a true appreciation for the things someone does for you.

15. Watching children playing one of your childhood favorite games on the ground.

16. Watching your children learning by copying you.

17. A deep profound question from your child that makes you think.

18. An invigorating outdoor lunch (that could be at anywhere including in your backyard garden)

19. Reading a message or stumbling upon an incident that makes you laugh loud.

20. You are called upon and included in a surprise plan for a trip with your old friends.

21. Having a compassionate hands on your shoulder while depressed or resting your head in the lap of your mother while feeling down.

22. The book, you are eagerly waiting to read, receive as a gift.

23. A soothing harmony or instrumental melody while resting in bed or swing chair.

24. A victory over your bad habit or an accomplishment of a task that you thought was difficult for you.

25. An afternoon walk on the bridge with your friend.

26. Going for a long drive along with your special some one.

27. An experiment you did with your recipe and came out to be the best.

28. Receiving a hand-written letter from some one special.

29. Having a thought on the substances that make you stop and think.

30. A promise to yourself to smile at least 3 to 4 times a everyday.

Image Courtesy: www.flickr.com/photos/stage88