30 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stay Motivated and Enlightened

Have you ever sit alone and tried breathing to the deepest of your lungs, calming your racing nerves and hearing the things you often ignore? If you haven’t, then spare a time sit and try reaching the state of mind that is free from craving, anger, and other painful states. Now pose the following questions to yourself and seek some honest answers. Questioning yourself is the best way to ensure what you are doing is right and that you prepare yourself to accept the present and create action-plan for the future ahead.

1. How would you plan and live your life if you did not have much time in your hands?

2. How would you like to be remembered by your friends, family and society?

3. Do you forgive people for their mistakes? “Considering the fact that you have forgiven yourself for several mistakes. Then, why is it easy to forgive yourself but difficult to forgive others?”

4. If love is the economy of heart, then how would you spend it to treat the hatred and agony of mankind?

5. Have you ever tried to overcome your fears with one brave decision or courageous step?

6. Love and fear are two motivating forces; one is positive and the other is negative, which one has always proved to be actively stronger in you?

7. How many opportunities were missed, what are the things that were left unaccomplished and how many dreams died in dreams because of your FEAR OF FAILURE?

8. Have you ever been a true friend of anyone? Do you think you’ve been honest?

9. What is your greatest fear? Have you ever thought how you would react if it comes true?

10. How much excited or serious you are about SUCCESS? Are you ready to accept failures without losing enthusiasm? (Most of the people stop trying at the brink of success)

11. Are you grateful to every beautiful and good things around, and express gratitude to those who have ever helped you in anyway or anyhow?

12. If you win a million-dollar-lottery, how would you spend it?

13. If you were given the power to change one thing about the world what is that you would like to change?

14. Do you avoid challenges? If yes, do you think you can manage accomplishing your dreams in any other way?

15. Has there been any CONVERSATION with anybody in your life that has significantly impacted your life?

16. Are you truly committed to the promises you made to yourself? Is there any bad habit you promised to quit but couldn’t or returned to it after quitting for a short period of time?

17. Do you connect your happiness to success and feel that you will only be happy once you are successful? What does success mean to you?

18. Do you have any role model to follow their road map to reach your destination? (Since you have heard a lot about the importance of having a role model in life) Do you also feel tempted to their bad habits and sins?

19. Where would like to see yourself in 5 or 6 years? Have you planned accordingly?

20. Are you afraid of failures? (If success arrives after failures and if you learn precious lessons from it then what is the worth your fear of failure?)

21. What would you do if your years of hard work and experiments that you thought could be groundbreaking fail within few seconds? Would you still go for it and find another way to get the things done or never dare to experiment something new?

22. Do you like to indulge in past?

23. What life would you chose – a successful life but full of worries, tensions and depressions or a simple and happy life?

24. How do you react to criticism? If an elderly and respected person, who you adore, criticizes you publicly, then what would you do? Would you still respect him or never forgive for the insult?

25. What is your ‘prime focus’ – change or result?

26. What does imperfection mean to you? Are you waiting for your imperfections to be brushed off entirely and then move forward?

27. If you had written your autobiography, why should people read it? What message do you feel would grab, hold or motivate them to read it?

28. Would you take a permanent pause after having a very successful career you have, or keep going ahead towards a new horizon?

29. How committed you are to your decisions and flexible in your approach?

30. Do you think external factors deeply cause you pain and distress? If yes.. is it because the factors were painful in themselves; or you have grown bigger to fight against them?

Readers are welcome to add their questions in the Comment Box!