5 Ways to Stay Positive when Negative People Try to Drag you Down


You simply can’t bear to stay with negative people for prolonged period of time, fearing they may defame your image, deframe your ability, drain your energy or drive you crazy. However, walking away is not the best solution always. Such people can be your colleagues, family members or friends and it’s a daily challenge for you to stay positive despite their frequent attempts to drag you down to their level. Regardless of how you deal with them, they tend to harp on the bad things and exaggerate trivial issues and can be extremely draining.
Don’t lose hope if you find yourself in such a situation. There definitely are some easy and effective ways to stay positive in the midst of such people…

1. Remind yourself about the journey you have undertaken and that you need to keep going

Don’t try to judge people or jump to conclusions. Everyone has their own life journeys and you don’t know a shred about the things they have been through. It is quite likely that their impossible realizations in various aspects of life have forced them to be negative or caused their limited thinking to flourish. But that is neither your problem nor do you have to dig out the reason. You just have to be careful about how you deal with them. Let them be themselves but don’t let their thinking affect your own insight anyway or anyhow.

2. View this as an opportunity of self-exploration and challenge to stay positive despite being with them

It is possibly impossible to completely free yourself of negative people. They appear in your life and eagerly attempt to feed you with their fear, nonsense, and ignorance. It is undoubtedly difficult to stay positive or think optimistically after predicament or distress. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to discover your own reactions in such situations and accordingly you can cultivate a healthy habit. You can go down with the wrong and sink or let the fuel inside you propel you into positive action and stay alive with spiritual and emotional diet.

3. Be cautious about the amount of time you spend with them

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.”
― Joel Osteen
Consider about the times you hang out with them and ask yourself how you feel? If you feel drained, tired, annoyed or frustrated then it’s a clear indicator that you’ve given over your own energy to them. Limit the duration of conversation or if it is a phone call then be precise and quick. Spending much time with them will certainly damage you; therefore, restrict the interaction and time.

4. Chose lighter topics

Negative people are driven by feelings of fear and helplessness. They are profoundly impacted by the events they had stumbled upon so badly or felt a victim and no matter what you do to convince them they will stay entrenched to their deeply-rooted grumble and crap. They prove themselves to be such a conversation dampener that you can’t stand for long; therefore, avoid such intricate topics and share some happy news of regular occurrences to lighten the mood.

5. Be grateful for the things that didn’t go wrong with you

Things can always be worse even without your slightest conscience, so be thankful and appreciative for several good things that go absolutely fine with you. If you concentrate on things that seemed dark, depressing and frowning, you will encounter frequent emotional breakdown which ultimately drag to the negative world. Rekindle the inner spirit to find out some heavenly blessings of life.

Remember it’s your life, lead it how you want it to be. Rethink your methods to stay positive. Create remarkable difference in relationships and most importantly make it meaningful. Life is rewarding when you carve it positively.