7-Year-Old Author Evan Moss Raises Money for Seizure Assistance Dog


A 7-year-old author Evan Moss, son of Epilepsy Foundation board member Lisa Moss, from Alexandria, wrote a book titled ‘My Seizure Dog’ with hopes to raise $13,000, to purchase a seizure dog to assist him survive his seizures. He has even successfully raised over $41,000, which is far exceeding his required amount $13,000. A seizure dog can alert someone when the person is having a seizure attack, and can prevent them from hurting themselves. They can even guide the patient through crowds, and help them live independently. Moreover, they intensely take care of the person and share compassion.

Evan Moss from the very early childhood has been suffering from severe and life-threatening seizures. Evan had 300 to 400 little seizures every month due to his tuberous sclerosis complex. After going through brain surgery at the age 4, the amount became less but within few years they returned with complexities which doubled in course of time. Serious medication and intense medical treatment could not give him much relief. When Evan came to know about specially trained dogs that can perceive seizures and respond immediately, he wrote a book to raise fund. It is self-published through CreateSpace.com, now is available in Amazon to purchase.