8 Reasons to Hold on a Little Longer

A Surfer

Time is the most powerful element controlling the time-level of everyone, each being present carries along a handful of emotions correlating the life style of the muted pains.

Circumstances will often be against the most favorable condition but that doesn’t make one fall down or simply give up.

Giving up is easy any day, holding on is difficult. Getting the vibration of backing off is prominent, as and when someone gets a setback in life. Why should one take a U-Turn and forget the road that leads to the destination?? Just to revive with a greater energy and understanding, one needs to sit during chaos and turmoil. When circumstances cover the whole circumference, time is signifying something imperative, probably a signal to keep calm and congregate piles of patience, faith and diligence; to bear the fruits of success.

Greeting customers in a Supermarket is still the toughest job, one is bestowed with loads of choices leaving the most trusted organ itself confused.
Hanging on with a reason for a long, very long period is not the kind of guts one dangles upon loosely; the worthiest and the most proficient is the one who in spite of deficit rainfall will result into a bumper harvest, will take away the ‘Crown of Wit and Wisdom’.
Defaulters may not have audacity to overcome the looming pressure and capacity, arid areas are the ones with maximum opportunity of a buffer yield, as they themselves disclose. Come on, life is not about just sitting and planning, a ‘Theory of Survival’ helps move mountains of revolution.

There has been something that holds one back every time we are scot-free still a power within draws all attention and bombards with a zeal of flexibility, reliability and a war at bay.

One should hang on for long, for the conversion of jolt into action.. Here’s a list of such Sparkling Reasons:

1. In order to have a live view of ‘miracle’ one should surely stay awake at the midst of night. No one knows when the star falls and the opportunity to ask for a wish is granted!!

2. Stretching dreams and making genuine arrangements for their fulfillment, one should stay back!! IT WORKS..!!

3. To act as a Custodian on behalf of a stubborn friend who unflinchingly won’t revert due to ego. Unheard words with friends and close relatives hurt the most, capturing the right moment and attack with all compassion is the key.

4. A perfect launching needs the appropriate execution of various plans and contingencies need a voice too. Make sure the genetic defect coverts with a correct dose!! 🙂

5. To give shape to Success, one needs to be patient enough in forging the exclusivity.. Makes a Difference..

6. Creativity has its own texture and color, hurrying up will destroy the basic beauty. Continue, the efforts will be realized.!!

7. Liberalize the Success through a rope of diligence. Remember, just a minute longer than the competitors sports your name as the Winner!!

8. Every bud blossoms, every rough diamond glitters, every surfer battles; hanging on pays a hefty reward..!!!

Faith and willpower makes the Immigrants the Dearer Nationals!!! It’s the Spirit that helps one last longer than usual and not everyone is lucky!!!

Keep your Chances Alive and Live your Chances by holding just a bit longer!!

–Dr. Priyanka Jain