A $9 Bicycle Made from Recycled Cardboard is Soon Going to Hit the Market


Giora Kariv, an Israeli inventor and artist, has reached the feat of impossible accomplishment by creating a bicycle out of recycled cardboard. The impact of this wonderful invention is predicted to be far-reaching and is expected to help millions of poor people in several African and Asian countries. The manufacturing cost will be between $9 and $12 but the selling cost can reach up to $60 depending upon the customers’ choice of modifying and adding things to the original bike. However, Kariv said it was possible to sell it for less than $12.

The concept seemed to be very fragile and impossible at the initial stage but gradually, over the years, Kariv made it possible and developed other four different prototypes. He has already designed and made a training bike for youth by implementing origami techniques to toughen and reinforce the material. The Bicycle is water resistant, environmentally friendly and worth purchasing as it will not harm the family budget. Moreover, it encourages the green transportation, exercise as well as recycling.

Info Source: geek.com