A Unique Gift from a Father to his Son on 15th Birthday

My Son Arpit Mishra

My Son Arpit Mishra

I am here to wish a spectacular and exciting Happy Birthday to my dashing darling son. Here are some of learning from my life that I would like to share with you. This is straight from my heart and my gift to you on this day that you can choose to pick up.

1. “Live each day as if it is your last day”. Make everyday so special that you remember that as fresh as always and if you can’t memorize them later in your life to smile, to feel special and proud about then you have simply wasted that day.

2. In your life, make sure to do everything that you want to do, never compromise your dreams for the sake of family, money or anything.

3. Learn to be social and make a lot of friends. On the way choose few special best friends and preserve them like treasure very close to your heart and never let them down.

4. Be respectful to elders, women and always remember your family values and your lineage

5. Listen to other’s advice but always ponder upon them and if you agree make them yours. Never do anything based on other’s advice or guidance including parents. My gut has always helped me in my life so always listen to yourself as I m sure you will never let yourself down

6. Make a plan to visit entire globe, secluded places, experience various cultures and make friends from each culture, community and religion. Always respect other religion, culture, values but define your own values and observe them. Have guts to chart out your own path, principal and create a cult.

7. Never be afraid to dream. Dream the sky and go for it as I am sure it will be in your reach.

8. Last for this Birthday, in your journey of life always try to win hearts, never be the cause of sorrow for anyone. Make sure to help everyone without any expectations in return.

You are that special person GOD has created and given everything to distribute to other. Have a very big, brave and generous heart which can encompass everyone.