Age Limit to Bloom? – Nay!!!

I know it will be just another day but with more phone calls, more Facebook notifications, and more mails than usual. Yes, it will be my birthday, yet another year in my happy life and I am turning 30 next month.So I just thought why not explore about people who either started their career or had a turning point after 30.

Let me make it very clear that I don’t have any intention of changing my career and this post is not about motivating you to do so or follow your passion, kind of stuff. This thought was just spontaneous and I believe learning happens with an open mind rather than when opinionated. So even if you are not close to 30 yet, you can read this and learn a lot from these people. If you are around or above 30 it is preferred because I just want to convey that age has nothing to do with your Success.
These are the gems I found in my search.

Success stories of greatest professionals, regardless of any specific field, uplifts us from our narrow confined cell of belief-system ‘trouble is bigger and stronger than me’ and stimulates motivational enzyme to follow their path of success.

Silverstone Stallone

Silverstone Stallone

An American actor and film director Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, who is best known for action roles, has been late-bloomer who flourished with hard work, perseverance and determination in his 30s yet going through a troubled life and doing a variety of odd jobs. In the mid-1970s, when he stuck on financial challenge and his desperation for a break went higher, he himself wrote his script for Rocky, which portrays the rags to riches story of an uneducated but compassionate debt collector Rocky Balboa, and started pitching to producers, directors and film companies in the New York City. The movie ‘Rocky’ was released on November 21, in 1976, when Sylvester was 30 years old and he played the role for minimum payment. With an extremely tightly-packed production schedule and shoestring budget, the film ‘Rocky’ was such an exigent production but it was an instant hit which grossed over a 200% return and turned Stallone into a superstar.

Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani

Indian’s most enterprising entrepreneur and founder of Reliance Industries Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani, who has been respected as one of the top businessmen in Asia, is widely known to be the true rags to riches story. After returning to India from Yemen he started his business with his second cousin Champaklal Damani and with the passing day they imported polyester yarn and began exporting spices to Yemen. He was 33 when he founded Reliance Industries, which led him to creating the gigantic Reliance Empire in India. In 2007 Ambani family was the world’s second richest family with estimated fortune of $60 billion and in 2012, Reliance Industries was in the top Fortune 500 list of world’s biggest companies by revenues and all became possible because of Ambani hard work, determination, and distinctive strategies altogether.

Saeed Ajmal:

Saeed Ajmal

How can we not touch sports talking about success? I agree this person does not have the wow factor like other sports celebrities but at the age of 35 when most cricketers retire due to tight competition from youngsters or physical wear and tear, this spinner ranks the second in the ICC Bowlers ranking of both ODI and Twenty 20 format. But that is not a great achievement unless you overlook the fact that he played his first International match at the age of 31. A player who played for Faisalabad from the age of 19 but never gave up the hopes of making to the International arena and when he got that turning point held on to it and had topped the ICC rankings once in a very short period.

J K Rowling

J.K Rowling

The author J K Rowling, who has sold over 450 million books since her first Harry Potter, has been trough rough life, troubled relationship with father, responsibilities of small kids, and struggles being a single mother, during as well as after finishing her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1995. Her manuscript was rejected by twelve publishing houses on submission. After one year of hard work and consistent rejection she finally got her first breakthrough when Alice Newton the eight-year-old daughter of Bloomsbury’s chairman, demanded the second chapter for review. She was paid an advance of £1,500. Upon the success of the book in 1997, Rowling received an £8000 grant from the Scottish Arts Council to enable her to continue writing. It is ironical though that she was not allowed to retain the title of the book and was published under the title of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.



Indian film actor Vikram Kennedy, who appears in Tamil language and is widely known for his character in ‘Sethu’, was a struggling actor since 1990. He is the winner of six Filmfare Awards South, National Film Award and Honorary Doctorate from University of Milan in May 2011. Until his film ‘Sethu’, which portrays a rogue who turns into a lover, he was just a struggling actor searching for a space and character that would touch people.

Fear Not Standing Still; Fear Growing Slowly

This is just my list. Your search can reveal many. Feel free to share it here so that the list can multiply.