Alexa Andrzejewski, the Co-founder of Foodspotting, an Innovative Way to Find the Best Food

Foodspotting is a visual guide, available as a website and mobile app, that helps you locate your favorite foods using photos, enabling Foodseekers to explore the delicious and best dishes of a place or restaurant. The idea of starting something like Foodspotting came to Alexa Andrzejewski’s mind when she wished to search one of her favorite foods okonomiyaki (a savory Japanese “pancake” packed with cabbage, scallion, and egg) in San Francisco and could not locate it. Driven by the idea, she decided to make the task of finding the best and the latest foods at the nearest restaurants for food lovers.

Alexa says “Our goal is to cover the earth with amazing food sightings… we want to encourage exploration and enable you to discover new foods and find them locally.”

Foodspotting was launched in 2009 by Alexa Andrzejewski along with two co-founders Ted Grubb and Soraya Darabi. As of April 2012, there are more than 2 million foods that have been spotted in Foodspotting across the globe. Since its inception, Foodspotting has been profiled in many reputed magazines and honored as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2010 by Time Magazine as and a “Top Travel Application” by Travel + Leisure and a “Hot Trend of 2010” by iTunes. Alexa was also featured in Gourmet Live’s “50 Women Game-Changers” in food and Inc Magazine’s “30 Under 30”. Its fame lead it to make partnerships with Zagat, Food & Wine magazine, the Travel Channel and others.

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