Amalgamation of Resources!

Growing Money

Investing in the right passage gives the principal, the best boost. Making waves with a focused set of philosophies lead to remarkable returns. Have a low-lying investment avenues can be savor the Environment – Financial, Physical, Psychological, Sociological, Mental and Emotional..!!

Reach out for a Strategy that yields higher Fulfillment, Success and Happiness..

Reconciling Personal & Professional Life to achieve Success and Sustainable Results de-clutters all stress, negativity and worries..!!!

Here’s a nugget of practical, calming advice to Invest and Grow your Money:

1. Bank Deposits – Offers 9-9.5% on returns. Its safe and assured returns are assured..

2. MIP – Monthly Income Plan, as they are called, offer around 10% return with an added element of risk. Reason being, around 10-15% corpus(amount) investment in Equities, rest 85-90% in debt.

3. ULIPs – Short for Unit Linked Insurance Plan, offers a return of around 10%. Though the corpus is tax-free, the charges are pretty high.

4. LIC – It offers very low return (around 6%) when compared to other options. It gives tax-free corpus on maturity.

5. PF – Provident Fund as it is called offers a return of around 8.5%, with a tax-free corpus on maturity. This is a safe option of investment.

6. Equity – 15% is the rate of return offered by Equity. It has the potential to give higher returns. Higher the risk, greater the gain. But good bets may lose shine over the years.

Pull up the curtains and improve the outlook & attitude towards life!! Think, analyze and construct a Plan so that the Happiness and Return comes in dumping all the roadblocks!!