Another Singing Sensations: Pop Opera Stars Jonathan and Charlotte in Britain’s Got Talent

Pop opera duet of 17 year old Jonathan and Charlotte on the show Britain’s Got Talent has repeated the same story of Susan Boylen on the very same stage. The audience did not exhibit the welcoming attitude towards them, even Judges including Simon Cowell cast a doubtful and deceiving sight on their skills that seemed to be in stake to impress the rest of the judges before the performance. But their star-like quality that overflowed in the performance compelled listeners to rise from their seats and have huge applause for them and the judges to state “outstandingly good voice.” David Walliams further said “An opera voice and a pop voice together – it was incredible” in their praise. They had the all the quality they were searching for this year’s show.

This Saturday night’s show has made the teen friends the most discussed personalities. Listening to them was completely inspirational. Once again it proves that it is the quality of skill that matters and not the appearance upon which we still form perceptions and this few minutes performance blasted our perception bubble.
Barely three months before his audition, Jonathan Antoine (many call him Shy-boy) had a nervous breakdown following several incidences of constant bullying for his 280-pound weight. This March 24 came as a welcome relief for him. Jonathan has forgiven people and moved on for good. He says his fried Jaconelli helped him gain confidence and got him mentally prepared to face people.
We wish Jonathan and Charlotte a wonderful career ahead!

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