Apple TV

With the Launch of slick Apple TV, its Chief Executive Officer, Steve Jobs has made a significant shift in making Apple the most successful tech company of the decade. It has dispelt the users’ single slice of speculation and suspicions about the fruitfulness of technological advancement.
It is a complete refurbished version of first generation Apple TV with a smooth and glossy animations, amazing transmission and pixel perfect icons. Concisely, it has brought massive improvements with some additional and attractive features over the first generation Apple TV.
The handful of completely new and advanced features in staggering price tag of just $99 has made it immensely successful. Apple TV makes entertainment not only spicier, but also interesting and highly interactive. Some incredibly amazing ingredients in this considerably small shiny black puck of device are once again ready to strike out the marketplace.

1. It facilitate users to play digital media from any sources including Mac OS X computer, Mobile-Me, YouTube, Flicker, iTunes store,
2. 40GB hard drive enables users transfer huge amount of data harmonizing with PC running iTunes,
3. Its High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) enables users to connect it to TV or any other video equipments,
4. Its wireless synchronization of your iTunes to your TV gives high definition sound, and it automatically upgrades Apples consistent innovations.

New Features:

1. Remote view, Retina display and optimised graphics: Its Retina display feature, which is generally found in iphone 4 and new iPod touch, gives magnificent view from every angle.
2. Automatic Keyboard:
3. Touch navigation: It makes easy to navigate channels and menus by simply touching the interface with two fingers. Users do not have to press the buttons and scroll up and down the long list of menu to search for their choice.
4. Gesture Pad on iPod and iPhone touch: The new gesture pad, supported by iSO, enable users to control Apple TV with two finger tap.
5. Remote control support: It enables users to use remote control button on their headphones. Moreover, it can function from the distance of up to 9 meters.
6. Airplay can be connected with old Apple TV. Remote Airplay HD supports video streaming from iTunes from running PC or MAC, movies and video podcasts from iPod apps, and photo streaming from photo apps.

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