Are you potent? Should someone show a mirror image?

One day, way back in 2002, when I was suffering from a deep depression, I got a gift from my family doctor. It was a diary like thing whose title gave me a jerk. It was “MY LIFE-PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CAREER.” Intrigued by the title of the diary, I started viewing the pages one by one. First was a bunch of pages about personal career. Then it was money matters and then followed family background, health care and memorable events.

Without any particular thought, I picked up a pen from the pen stand and started filling the details. At one stage, I felt awkwardly stuck. I couldn’t fill anything in the pages like when I gave a helping hand to society, my career growth, money I saved or invested, what are the positive vibes I manage with the family, relatives and friends, how I cared for health or my health matters ( as I never cared for the health) etc.,

One thing I got irrevocably stuck was on the pages of memorable events of my life. I had to describe my achievements, accomplishments and many more of what a societal being of the damn racing up human civilization demands.

My pen felt helpless as I was scoffed by the glowing pages. It had nothing to fill in or describe. I was just an elementary school teacher, married and had been through rough stages of life, deteriorating health added to the agony. My only helping hand was my most loving husband who loved me the most but didn’t know how to help me recuperate with my things.

I took the book and held it tight to my heart. Went into a deep introspection. Questioned myself only once. “What am I in this biggg world?” This question created inexplicable ripples in my mind which stirred me to the core. I could then see my dad’s sad face in front of me. How he dreamt of my future. How he used to appreciate about my abilities to his colleagues.

I was now aware that I needed to take a new path. A path towards grace of life. A wave to raise towards the heaps of satisfaction, to enhance compassion towards my own life and its moments I lives through!

As if I was woken up from a dream and wanted an action potential to hover over me, I started jotting out whatever that came to my mind. After a brief projection, I knew that I am gathering a new strength.
It was as if I had to go immune to the depression and liable weaknesses I pampered all these days. Out of the realm, I created another realm. Just to shrug it off, depression was not an easy leaving parasite. But I lit flames of high spirits.

Throwing yourself vulnerable is the first thing which catches you in its fringes. Real molestation does not know your potential. Setting aside the inhibitions and hunting of what I treasured inside made me feel realized of an eternal truth.

Now, I see myself in a new frame of accomplishment and achievement as a writer, freelancer and a poetess. The consciousness arouse to its proper life which took me to new heights. My reading and analyzing things increased. I evolved and emerged into a new being.
This is just a speck of my story. Every layman experiences the same thing one day or the other. Accomplishment stands as a question one day in front of the life’s hazy journey. Asks us what we have to add on its weighing machine to balance!

The biggest casualty we see would be ourselves when we ignore our potential and keep crying about misfortune which we think is mongering on our heads. We ignore to recognize our potential.

Where are we lagging actually? Is there any human being on this earth who is made incapable? This is the hardest argument with a failure or a loser. (A failure or loser labeled by own self or by others)

For me, it’s totally unjust to underestimate one self. It’s unjust to belittle the fabulous human brain.

Bitterness is not in life but you presumably consume it into yourself. I have a solution for proving your potentiality. It’s not to prove to the world but yourself. Once you believe that you have potential, the world will automatically know what you are!

• Just assume that you are out of the circumstances where you live or just get out of the house or circumstances for one attempt and experiment a project on yourself.

• Compel yourself to grow beyond what you are! Create a compelling situation where you have to exercise a deed or action.

• Make this living of yours the heaven you seek. See that you are in a position where you do or your skull gets cracked.

• The road to success is of many types. According to your situations and your attempts, it may give you a tough fit too…

Credit? Whom should you give it? Unveil the hidden one in your being who wants to hail above every odd to reach the skies. Give it wings and see. Forget everything that WAS there!

• Convenience! This is a big hazard. This thing takes everything taken for granted until we can put every potent action at bay. Cut it down and see that you are left with nothing but an ambition!

• Fall in love with the future. Take up extreme measures to see that you can be strict with yourself. Seek revenge on procrastination. Stick to the rules you frame on the road to success.

• Just believe this truth that “every creature that’s born on the earth has a purpose.” Dig into the truth of what is your purpose to have born on this earth. Plunge into action.

No one can know more about you except yourself. This is the spectacular truth and trusts it. You know better about your situations, your abilities, your life style, your weaknesses, and your strength and above all…your compactness regarding your integrity.
So, just concentrate on the potential you have. Sharpen it by deeds. Go hungry to be accomplished.