Avoid Anger and Save yourself from Danger

How to Control Anger

We human beings are unique creatures in the world, experiencing a diverse set of emotions that no other species enjoy. Happiness, joy, laughter, fear, anger etc. are some of the more popular emotions which we enjoy in our daily lives. However, one particular emotion that impacts us more than anything else is ANGER. As rightly pointed out, ANGER is one word short of DANGER.

We have our own likes & dislikes. At times, certain behavior or attitude tends to spark in us the emotion of anger which, when uncontrolled, could destroy our relations with closed ones or could even wreak havoc with someone’s future life. Every day we hear stories about relations being broken or heinous acts like murder and atrocities being committed in a fit of rage.
However anger need not always be such a negative thing. Here are some important ways to avoid its negative repercussions.

The next time you are angry look at the situation from a third person’s perspective. Imagine yourself being out of the situation and having an impartial look at the issue. This would help in giving some sort of perspective to the problem.

Always remember that one should abhor the act and not the person. This particular belief would go a long way in saving your personal relations.

If there is a particular thing that you don’t like about someone close to you and which keeps irritating you, then it is best to talk to that person about it and sort out the issue amicably. Walking out of the room during a confrontation merely defers the problem but does not solve it.

This is perhaps my most favorite way of handling anger. I use the emotion to “complete work”. Every one of us has some tasks which we keep shirking off from time to time. Use the angry moments to complete these tasks. The powerful emotion would propel you to initiate action on the tasks which when once started could be easily completed. Also once you start doing the task, the anger in you would subsequently boil down and you would be surprised at the calmness that you experience after some time.

Practice the above mentioned ways diligently and regularly to effectively use this particular powerful emotion which could otherwise change one’s course of life negatively. Use these tips to such an extent that they become a part of your subconscious mind.
Have anger- free moments to enjoy life!