Being An Introvert

Finding an Outlet: tips from a Fellow Introvert

Delivering your expressions, ideas, objectives and opinions to the other side with clarity, is the first sign of a healthy communication. However, there are bound to be exceptions among people who are responsible for this delivery and bluntly put; the problem with exceptions is that they are always few in number, which in turn stands to be a solid reason for intimidation!

The percentage of introverts that you see around you is one of the best examples of such exceptions. The problem with introverts is that nobody quite understands what goes on inside the person. This motivates the rest of us to manipulate or sometimes take advantage of them, which is of course unfair.

Nevertheless fellow introverts, that hardly means that you have to change your true being. Change is not the solution, but finding alternatives that would work, is what you need!

Express However Little You Can

Who says that speaking is the only way to open up? Introverted people might be quiet, but they are usually sharp and have the capability to interpret very well, what’s going on around them.

So, the first tip would be to use your expressions to understand or relate as a way of acknowledging the happenings around you. Smile more often and bring out the bare minimum expression that comes out naturally from within you, without having to force yourself into faking the whole of it. Try to be involved and people around you will know that you are somewhat drawn in instead of being stuck in your own world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with living in your world, but since you have to live a social life, use your expressions.

Barricading Yourself- A Mistake

In many pieces related to the same subject here, one of the most common suggestions is to find a group of your own and stick to it. If you, dear introvert, are to take my suggestion (an introvert like you), planning to go the same way, would not be quite a good idea!

Being introverted hardly means that you have to stick around in your comfort zone only. It is best if you break out of your restricted line and participate more with different kinds of people. A smile, a soft reply and a keen ear is all you really need to be accepted really! It’s like dancing like nobody is watching you. Don’t set out participating only with the estimate of the outcome. Just be yourself and participate like nobody is watching or judging!

Hiss without Biting

Yes, a soft determined hiss can be enough to stand for your cause. You need not go forward and bite. Yes introverts, there is a good chance of misinterpretation. Since you do not say or do not oppose, chances are that people will always try to take you for granted. Once in a while however, you should be up to the challenge to stop them treating you like a trash can. Instead, react in your own but effective way. Remember that nobody but you can help yourself.

Keeping the Benefits with Improvement

Introverts are also usually connected with people who are often bogged down with certain problems.

Start by trusting people more often. And the best part is that it does not have to be a grown up at all! Try communicating with kids more often. That should help you to open up more as well as get things out of your system. Trusting children is much easier than trusting grownups. Take one step at a time and you will definitely win.

There are good many benefits related to being an introvert. There is no point losing them. Instead, try improving on social skills. Take courses if necessary and start by meeting people who suffer the same stereotypical problems like you.

Making an effort is also important. If you want to make sure that nobody misunderstands or misuse your emotions, start making an effort to let the other know that you exist and are as normal as them.

Try to bring yourself out of your own coup, slowly and steadily, and you shall be amazed to find that the world has been waiting to embrace you just as you are!