Boundless Freedom

Boundless Freedom

Boundless Freedom is a boon all desire,
Every living soul aspire,
But only the strongest achieve it,
As the weaker can never reach it….

Society imposes lots of regulation,
Adding to an individual’s frustration,
But only a few dares to break free,
And Freedom flies away in glee.

Freedom eludes those scared beings,
He who never listens to heart’s cravings,
Leading thus a life of misery,
Gladly putting the blame on destiny….

Freedom eludes those greedy minds,
Those who only for wealth pines,
All their life to wealth they bind,
And freedom never dwells in their mind.

But a soul is born with limitless freedom,
The whole globe is his kingdom,
He entangles himself along the way,
Thus keeps his Freedom always at bay.

He who appreciates the eternal fact,
That freedom should be kept intact,
Dwells his life in immense peace,
As limitless Freedom bestows him unbounded bliss…..