Breakup With Interview Phobia

Interview Fear

Decoding the interview
What is an interview? It is an exchange of views or a conversation between two individuals. Although commonly thought of today only as a conversation in which a single person dominates: The interviewer asks and you answer. And if you don’t answer in an expected manner, you are disqualified for the job.

So in essence, an interview is a set of questions put forth to test you in a particular manner. Questions seem to demand answers. And the only option we have is to prepare. So fear is out of question. Isn’t it? No? Then use your fear if it helps you craft answers.
“How do I prepare the answers?”

An interview is not an informal chat. The major portion involved centres around the technical know-how. If you are applying for a job in a scientific industry, you will be facing science related questions and not on ‘the developments in the modern art scenario’.

“So, what should I do?” You cannot ignore the basics of your particular domain or area of interest. Basics are what you are going to work with all your professional life. And if the basics appear blurred, brush off the dust – revise them.

Research on what the interviewer asks – the typical questions. Every job profile has them: the technical know-how, personal information and so on.
“What to do about off-the-beat questions? The ones I don’t know about, which the interviewer may ask.” Why spend time about something you cannot prepare for, no matter what you do? Think of it as a surprise! It will keep you alert during the interview.

The birth of phobia
“Why is this fear born in the first place?” Do you want to hear the real answer? You let it grow. Possibly you watered the seeds by thinking about what happened to your friend’s friend during his interview and then re-created the image with you facing the same.
Another reason may be poor experience of the first interview and you want to be sure that you come out with flying colours in the next. The best you can do is to face the questions, answer them and let the interviewer decide. Why play his part for free?
If possible, it is better to avoid reading and learning new subjects on the D-day. This may result in you mixing up the answers will your latest tit-bits.

Too much knowledge about dress etiquettes can confuse you. Dress comfortably, keeping in mind the formal nature of the interview.

The myth
Everybody who’s anybody advises you on ‘how to prepare’: “Don’t wear a blue shirt for the interview. It’s not your lucky colour”; “This interviewer is fond of good ties. Wear the most expensive and branded one you have” and so on. Whether to give such thoughts a space in your precious mind is your decision.

Ciao phobia
Any amount of time you spend with near ones doesn’t seem enough. But however much you like the person, you have to part ways. It is time to say goodbye to our dear interview phobia.

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