Buddhify 2: An App that Teaches Meditation

Buddhify 2

Buddhify 2 is a meditation app that guides you to practice meditation and mindfulness in different everyday situations – travelling, feeling stressed at work, working online or home alone doing nothing. Though it is hard to believe that a digital product can be developed to help us develop mindfulness and concentration online. But Buddhify indeed helps us by combining basic concepts of meditation with mobile technology, an integral part of our cultural life, to spare some time from digital lives and experience the self-reflection and feel connected to ourselves.

Buddhify can be used by the absolute beginner as well as masters. You may have been meditating for a long time without any guidance, Buddhify still helps you with its built-in timer and time tracker that keep records of your habits and show you how much time you have spent on which type of meditation. It has different version and the new one has tons of custom guided meditation programs that pop up on your mobile or headphone and to calm you down regardless of whatever you’re doing. This app comes with more than 40 guided audio tracks that track users’ practice and progress.

The app was developed by a developer and an associate of Buddhist Geeks Rohan Gunatillake who has tried to redefine our relationship with the technology by making us realize that meditation is accessible through technology. In 2012, Wired magazine enlisted him amongst the 50 people who will change the world.
With buddhify, Rohan aims to transform a digital phone into a welfare device’.
Photo and Info Source: http://buddhify.com/