Complaint Has Its Cost

Once, in the deepest wood, there stood a mighty tree spreading his branches high towards the essence and ecstasy of life. The tree had a considerably small neighbor who was not happy with his indifference which would instill a feeling of insignificant existence and often pinch him with an unfulfilled wish: “I wish my mighty friend would give me some ground to grow taller, I could enjoy the eternal bliss like him.” This sense was driving him crazy by each passing day.
One day he felt a strapping pang and finally asked the mighty tree with a plight on his face, “Why don’t you let me flourish? Your sturdy branches have left no place above for my fragile brushwood; they can’t let me embrace the fresh touch of splendid sunbeams in the morning, nor do they allow the sweet breeze pass through my boughs and twigs. They even prevent the magnificent moonlight from gliding over my face. Why are you so cruel? I have missed hundreds of lights, pleasures and beauty of seasons”

The mighty tree glanced down with a little frown on his face, “piercing query indeed!” he replied with a grave seriousness. “But let me be clear about what is more concerning: whether it is your problem or the complaint”

The small tree returned a seemingly disappointing manifestation to the mighty one. The mighty tree started with a quick broadening smile, “My dear little son, you are begging for the little space to grow, why don’t you create one for yourself? Why are you seeking an opportunity while you are skilled enough, confident enough, and courageous enough to grab one”

“But your branches are too strong to give me a space” the little tree placed a quick answer.

“I was once your size and stood where you are. It is my desire, determination and indomitable courage through which I strived to stand tall with head high in this wonderful wood. I wanted to grow majestically and so I did” said the mighty tree very softly, “Listen my dear son, your accomplishments become more glorious when you grow in the opportunity that is grabbed or created by yourself” the mighty tree added the wise words to invigorate his spirit.

This is exactly what happens with all of us. We always complain about the scarcity of opportunities and make others the victim of ‘not leaving a space for us’ but never feel the shortage of courage, determination and positive attitude to nurture our spirit to thrive. All of us are already gifted with talents and skills; the complaint is unnecessary. Complaint evokes your ignorance about the potential-self and overshadows your insight to see the opportunity.

“Complaining or grumbling is an insane desire and sign of an inferior intellect that will never let you cultivate your own gifts and let them die unnoticed and withered.”