Create Your Own ‘Vessel of Change’ by Shifting Your Words

Vessel of Change

Words are nothing but the twistings and manipulations of their proprietor and they hold the power to squeeze tears from the hardest hearts or brighten the smile on the saddest face on earth. Words can inflame hope or evoke devastation; heal wounds or deepen the scars. Likewise, if manipulated deftly, Words are innocent, neutral, naïve, precise but their reverberations are comprehensive, profound and infinite that embolden and enlighten our spirit and heighten the most empowering emotions. Words can be equally aggressive, and chaotic that erect the bridge across your incomprehension and frivolity towards the things around that make you a prisoner, perforate your skin, wriggle around your limbs, pollute your blood and maneuver your thoughts. The fine conscience of minute distinctions and delicate nuances of meaning of WORDS and TERMS are the entrance to the infinite wisdom of controlling your whole system of ‘Reactions and Responses’ towards situations.

‘Reactions and Responses’ towards WORDS create the man of success or certainly destroy him from the very derivation. Our unbridled dedication towards actions are initiated, inspired and influenced by the ‘selection of words’. A successful man chooses the words from the abundance of heart and rich tapestry of magnificent experience in the presence of witness.

Linguists say that our personalities are shaped by words and we should now realize that we are the creatures of our perception and belief system that are actually formed by WORDS; therefore, choose the words that make you feel emotionally charged and psychologically transformational.

Let’s pick up some Words to experience how we feel:

‘Kindness’ stimulates warming feelings and reminds the world of ‘generosity’, ‘tenderness’, ‘bliss’, ‘integrity’ where hatred evaporates and aliens transmutes into trusting friends. Associate yourself with some greatest humanitarians such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Oskar Schindler who transformed the world with their universal benevolence and appreciative heart. Ultimately it passes an impeccable positive sentiment to contribute in creating the world a place of an eternal bliss.

‘Hatred’, an emotionally reversed atmosphere of kindness, incorporates negative sensation that glitters irresistibly in words like ‘revenge’, ‘sadness’, ‘abhorrence’, ‘cruelty’, ‘selfishness’, ‘jealous’, ‘hostility’, ‘war’ and ‘destruction’. It conjures up different things of what you have personal disregards for ‘I hate my job most’, ‘I hate my look’ or ‘I hate being in my disposition’, it reminds you of being a victim of hatred, or hatred advocators – Hitlar, who instilled the lust for war in German people by his disempowering words, Saddam Hussein, who promoted hostility in Iraqi citizens by his powerfully persuasive words. It infuriates you and numbs your other senses except prominent resonance – ‘hatred’.

How about ‘Cheerfulness’? – the personal SUN of happiness for enduring the darkness and synonymous feelings of ‘blithe’, ‘kinetic’, ‘energetic’, ‘buoyant’, ‘vivacious’ and ‘optimistic’ that stand as the solid wall against any destructive force to pierce you through. it summons the happiest moments of your life and leads you to the sea of delight.

‘Rage’ is a destructive energy, seeping out of your mind that is visibly protruded in words like ‘clenched-teeth’, ‘anger’, ‘furious’, ‘rampage’, and ‘vehemence’ which hosts the ‘wresting of wrath and violence’ within and snatches the self-controlling power to handle the circumstances wisely and peacefully. Ultimately you suffer the penalty of your own creation ‘Rage’.

Can you feel how instantaneously the intensity of your emotions can be altered by shifting your vocabulary? Light-hearted, quiet and spiritual person carry the weightiest words to be still in the ‘peak state of happiness’.

Shift your words and create the vessel of change:

It is possible to completely change your disempowering feelings by adopting and shifting new words in your consistent vocabulary. Instead of saying..
It is… IMPOSSIBLE, say ‘I have to search for other POSSIBILITIES’,
Replace ‘I am BEMUSED’ by ‘I am CURIOUS’
‘I am a FOOL’ by ‘I am DIFFERENT’
‘I am a complete FAILURE’ by ‘I am LEARNING’
‘I have been INSULTED’ by ‘I have been MISUNDERSTOOD’
‘I am FRUSTRATED’ by ‘I am RECHARGING myself’ or ‘I am RE-ENERGIZING myself’
‘I am DEPRESSED’ by ‘I am RELOADING or RESTORING my energy’
‘I am ANXIOUS’ by ‘I am EXCITED’
‘I have FAILED’ by ‘I have STUMBLED UPON’
‘I am a LOSER’ by ‘I am SEARCHER of variety of other options’
‘I am STUPID’ by ‘I am an INDIVIDUAL’
‘My head is full of SHITS’ by ‘I am CLEANSING my unresourceful thoughts’
Number goes on…..

Let’s check how you feel with new vocabulary and accordingly change, manage, maintain and implement them to get the best and desired result. Wish you all the very best 🙂