David Karp – Founder of Internet’s Fastest Growing Startup, Tumbler

David Karp, an entrepreneur living in New York City, is widely known for his founding the microblogging platform and social networking website called Tumblr in the early 2007.

Courtesy: wikipedia

On completion of his schooling from The Calhoun School, he attended Bronx Science but dropped out at the age of 15 and started homeschooling. At the age of 14, he started his interning for animation producer Fred Seibert after which he joined an online parenting forum named UrbanBaby as a software consultant. In 2006, he left the his job and started working on the plan of building short-term blogging site Tumblr. Today, Tumbler is the most popular blogging site among teens as well as college students with a majority of visitors coming under the age of 25.

Karp’s contribution at the early age earned him fame and honors. He has been called one of the world’s top 35 innovators under the age of 35 in 2010 by the MIT Technology Review TR35 and the Best Young Tech Entrepreneur 2009 by BusinessWeek.

By the reports of 2012 January 5, Tumblr has more than 39.5 million blogs. In 2011, according to comScore, Tumblr had approximately 13.4 million unique visitors in the U.S. only. As of August 2011, Tumbler was valued at $800 million.