Deeper Awareness : About Self and Surroundings

Deeper Awareness

Active listening and meditating is a platform that leads to – open mindedness, new ideas, different way of doing things, alternative way of thinking, effective communication, which in turn produces intellectual and emotional awareness.
Motivation is the flame that ignites the hidden potential that one herself/himself is unaware of. One feels patronized and full of zest when teamed with real-life meetings and sessions and chasing management tricks to achieve power, glory and glitz.. 🙂

Sheer fun of knowing long before anyone else knows about the skills one possess inspires people around and create an altogether new room for valuable insight.
Emotional vesting is important to implement balanced commitments and decisions. Create an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect for people who are enormously valuable for development of Special Appreciation Connection with ‘Special Self..
Waves makes a mark and catches discourse of music with a simple bizarre of genuine classy attitude.. Let it immerse and go viral with following:

1. Get involved in projects one feels deeply associated with

2. Create an atmosphere where one can flourish and grow

3. Creativity is the essence of personal satisfaction, when thrown open in front of the world

4. Building personal equity through penetrating opportunities results into a fruitful relationship

5. Preserve one’s value system to safeguard integrity and honesty

6. Be trend-oriented to meet the functional and fashionable requirements

7. Optimism investment if blended well with knowledge can surprise with terrific results

8. Multi-layered enthusiasm, verve, dedication encompasses immense gratification

9. Contrast intensity and competition within oneself for a multitude return of fearlessness, and achieving impossible visions

10. Show-Up constructive admiration and interminable resourcefulness

11. Emotional speculation is needed for cross-pollination of willpower and tolerant leverage

12. Connect with the most capable asset and maximize core competencies and associations lying within

13. A powerful satellite can engineer a visionary and result-oriented person

Surrounding environment deals well with emotional intelligence, interpersonal sensitivity and influential flexibility if used properly. Inspiring the challenge with shared learning and power can make the tough times to give up it’s velocity. A deep belief in people, a balanced perspective between short and long-term needs, a balance between softness and toughness consists of interwoven personal vulnerability.

Balancing inspiration, constant visibility and accessibility with the internal and external networks is an important eve-teaser. Mature characteristic of illumination, worth, and foresightedness enhances social interaction. Ability to think ahead and make & accommodate small changes refers to an understanding where the junctions are on the road and one is able to choose the right one.

Scatter and amalgamate varied nuggets, degrees and cluster of goodwill, relationships, knowledge and intelligence to have a healthy dose of maturity and sense-worth tucked in.. 🙂

–Dr. Priyanka Jain

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