Do You Enjoy Your Internal Bliss?


“Life is all about birth and survival.
Life is all about breath and bondages.
Life is all about cajole effects of success and battered moments of failure.
Life is all about exceptions and expectations.
Life is all about extravagance and extraordinary acts.
Life is all about heroism and being a coward.
Life is all about battle and fear.
Life is all about win- win moments and crossed fingers.”

Hoards of your courage turn you to success roads. Soaring heights count your blessings. Emancipating the soul is a need for every human being. Did you ever think of the internal bliss? What is it by the way? Liberating one from the external bondages and searching the internal world, loving oneself and finding joy inside is internal bliss. Have you ever gone through this phase in your life?

This invaluable piece of heaven resides somewhere unrecognized and unanswered in ourselves. We don’t sense its presence as we relate each and every feeling to the outward happenings. Let’s take for example a man working in a firm. His morning starts from waking up, getting ready and taking newspaper in hand to refer the headlines in hurry. He feels happy or sad with the news in it or the happenings at home that time. Dropping children at school, hurrying to office….

He feels good if the day starts good at office (it may be a greeting of staff, boss being happy with his work or anything else. Listening to music on the way or chating with a good friend too may add to the feelings.

Working all the day, day chores, thinking about the problems he has and trying to solve them, coming back home, watching TV and discussing about things, going to bed….everything relates to the outer side of that man. I think I am a bit clear now. Intrigued and battered due to the pathetic things, he may develop a low psychological courage. Happy and spirited by the success, he may develop ego and self centeredness.

Where is he alone in all this life? Where is his solitude? Where is his celebration of having a birth of a human being? Where is his living with himself? Did he take some time to look inward and introspect? Did he take some moments to enjoy his being the highest creature on the earth and smile on his being “himself”?

Rampant worldly life never gives chance to enjoy the internal bliss. But do we leave something like that if we are not given chance? No! We strive hard to attain it. Internal bliss too demands the same but we ignore it, hurrying into the rat race every moment.

What takes toll on the highest pedestal is the range of success. It may deteriorate once we neglect our inner world as the time goes by! The tussle with oneself is always there and concentrating on internal bliss is the only medicine for it!

Most of the people unknowingly burn the internal bliss to ashes. Some never recognize it. Some recognize the flickering flames but ignore it. Very few people recognize it, live with it.

So where can you find this internal bliss?
It is inside every human being. Just close you eyes and look inward.

What is it?
It is the celebration of being a human being and enjoying moments with one self.

When should you spend time with it?

As a matter of fact, every moment you spend with the outer world. Bridge a balancing communication between the outer and inner world. This balances the life. But if you want to take up some solitude too, you can spend time with yourself in the morning and at the time of going to bed. It’s not necessary that you get up, sit in a corner in solitude and meditate. You can enjoy internal bliss waking up but still in bed with closed eyes. Just concentrate on the ultimate bliss of being your self and celebrating it.

How can it be attained?
It is always inside us. We just need to open up our hands and embrace it.

Why should anyone concentrate on it?

Internal bliss provides the utmost energy to live with the world. The tolerance level increases to the best. Negativity of life goes to negligibility. Perception of things changes and the positive perspective develops in everything you see.

Being swept with the waves of anger, hesitation, irritation, intolerance, impatience gets lessened the more you concentrate on your inner world.

The soul and its value become more important. The intensity of the marks of defeat, marks of loneliness, marks of agony decrease point by point rewarding you with a contented smile on the lips.

You start recognizing your value of being a human being. It gives strength to build your broken parts again and achieve the worldly things again. But this time, everything becomes a part of life and nothing reaches the brain to disturb or damage it.

Now let’s watch a woman who realizes her internal bliss and lives with it every moment in her life.

She wakes up from her sleep with a smile. Spends some quite moments with herself.

Gets up but with a cool gesture. She takes up every house hold responsibility without tension or irritation.

Does the chores. Manages other family members without stress.

Concentrates on what is the goal of today. Packs proper food for everyone in the house. ( for herself too)

Concentrates on breathing to the full and enjoying every moment.

Goes to work and greets everyone with smile. Her smile now will have empathy which attracts people towards her. Her smile and the way she carries herself and the poise reflects confidence that she can do anything.

Works hard but finds smart ways to deal with the problems. She can now analyze differences between methods to tackle things.

Enjoys work. Helps others too.

Listens to good music in free time. Speaks no ill of others. Encourages others.

The inner toxins leave her with a defeated face.

Her working atmosphere and house becomes the reflection of her crystal clear soul.

Back home, she concentrates on family, kids and chores. But she is happy all the time as she concentrates on being with herself too. Takes care of herself too.

While going to sleep, she analyzes the day and smiles in content. If something bites rather than giving smiles, she decides to crack it the next day.
You need to have a clear perspective of internal bliss before you approach it.

It is not a survival. It is you.

It is not an alternative. It is you.

It is not gaining something but gaining yourself.

Happy live in relationship with yourself dear friends 🙂