Does Science Make Belief In God Obsolete?


God and science, the importance of this big question, are the basis of our existence and belief enthralled in mazes of our intentions and genetic nature, which never allows us to trust science and god together. Though relation between God and science is inseparable, but our belief always changes its form to utilize theological insight and scientific achievements according to our need.

Right up from our origin on this planet, it’s the graces of our insights and revelation, which evolves our existence and appears as scientific achievements in material visible form, unanimously accepted as object to quench desires in mazes or our passion and need. Here omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of the great invisible God are limited to subject of legendary and metaphysics with several definitions, which separates our belief in religious boundaries. So science is unanimously improving beyond the realm of god teachings enthralled in our inherited system of thought and separated belief.

Graces of divine incarnations in existence of human being are the methods to civilize us on basis of peace and humanity, not for material bliss and not to fulfill our spanless desire among rot pf massacre. So the word “God obsolete” appears in this big question. It is a true fact, instead of following god teachings for improvement in metaphysics; most of us are using it according to our passion disgracing the meaning of one almighty, by separating the basis of our belief. Obviously, it’s the real obstacles for mankind trying to obtain God grace from science spells “developing weapons for annihilation”.

Belief is not a material object measurable for scientific insights, but science is potential enough to unify all theological definitions in one idea, for better understanding of God beneficence. At this current period, both God and science are enthralled in mazes of our intentions frustrating our beliefs.

“Does science makes belief in God obsolete” isn’t only a big question to explore intangible methods. Practically, it is a clear instruction for world community to bring science and theology together for an essential philanthropic purpose. Let us look forward to the base provided by this big question, as possibilities to explore “New spiritual information’s” that might save our existence on this planet.

  • sandeep

    There is a dualistic nature in everything around us. Science is no exception, and it is a double edged sword, which has to be used carefully. While it is easy to denounce science and scientific temperament as the root all the evils in the world, we forget the benefits that science has given us. If it was not for science and technology, we couldn’t have even imagined the potential of the Internet, which has brought the world together. However, still, a lot needs to be done more as countless people are suffering from hunger and disease, and our priorities are still lying elsewhere. Everything should be considered from a positive viewpoint, and it is easy to get a distorted view point if one has a negative approach.

  • Amlandeep Bhattacharya

    I guess Sandip is right as like any other important tools of evolution and civilization science acts as a double edged one. While it can be used to discover lifesaving drugs on the other hand the same science can be used to create deadly weapons. We must understand what we chose determines our future in this beautiful planet and also the issue of sustainability. Otherwise Einstein was correct that ‘ science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame.’ We need to collaborate the basic goodness of religion and science for the welfare of humanity.

  • YuddandiSivaSubramanyam

    as long as we fail to measure hunger, feelings, sentiments, peace and such Para norms in life, let us not believe the machines and laboratory tests.