Don’t Be a Stranger to Yourself!

Almost all of us, at some point in our lives, feel and act as a stranger to ourselves. This draws a clear conclusion that we lack clarity towards our lives and towards our goals.
Clarity is a dynamic force on which success is always founded. In order to succeed in life, we need to maintain clarity in every sphere that we take up. This is one of the reasons why we say “KNOW THYSELF” to an employee or a person who wishes to scale new heights.

When we venture into the process of knowing ourselves, it paves a clear and concise way of strengthening our strengths and weakening our weaknesses. On the other hand, if we don’t try to delve into our deepest within, we remain a stranger to ourselves.

One of the very first steps to know ourselves is to start noticing and controlling our thoughts, then comes realizing our inner-strengths as well as weaknesses.

Thought is the force underlying all… This is undeniable fact! Our thoughts lay the foundation of our actions and are primarily responsible for how we form perception about ourselves and the world around. In order to realize how greatly or badly our thoughts have impacted us we need to observe our actions and conducts in day-to-day life. The next thing we should do is to note them on a piece of paper and work on them one by one. If needed, we can discuss them with our mates or even seek some experts’ help. If needed, replace the weakening or limiting thoughts with the positive and promising ones.
“Sow Thoughts – They reap into Actions
Sow Actions – They reap into Habits
Sow Habits – They reap into Character
Sow Character – They reap into Destiny”

The words above reveal that “Thoughts” are the foundation on which we build our destiny.

Strength…Strength is not just the one that defines our physical capabilities; the real strength defines our mental capabilities, something that can’t be seen and perceived through our naked eyes.

Swami Vivekananda says it best… “Strength is Life and Weakness is Death”. So we need to strengthen our strengths and weaken our weaknesses.

And to strengthen our strengths and weaken our weaknesses we need to accomplish our tasks without our past impressions and future expectations. This sounds a bit philosophical but it really works…just turn the history chapters and read about some of the world’s greatest personalities. They were born ordinary but achieved the extraordinary by controlling their thoughts; they knew who they were and what they were capable of…..They were not a stranger to themselves!