Eight-Year-Old Life Coach Eve Hobsbawm Will Solve Your Problems

Eight-Year-Old Eve Hobsbawm. Image: guardian.co.uk

Eve Hobsbawm, a London-based life couch, has been successfully handling the problems that adults can not solve themselves. Eve perfectly manages her life coaching schedules besides attending her classes regularly. She is truly inspiring for her courage at such a tender age. According to Eve, she chose to become a life coach because of her father who runs tech start ups and inspires people to pursue happiness and prosperity. In an interview to the Guardian she said, “As soon as I saw his business and understood the kinds of things businesses do, I thought that’s what I’m going to do. At first, I wasn’t sure about what kind of company I wanted to start. Then it just popped into my head: problem solving.” At the age of seven, she started her business and within one year Eve has consulted approximately 40 dilemmas with different payments ranging from 10p to £5.

Her website EveProblemSolver.com details the kind of problems or day-to-day issues she handles for adults and the prices for “problems about love, live as well as balanced work-life”. “Hard problems” can be of high price and can reach up to £1.00 and “everyday problems” can cost less.

Info Source: guardian.co.uk