Emotionalligence – Emotion Or Intelligence?

Graphics by S. Heramb

When we think or act, how do we know when to switch between the ‘emotional’ and ‘intelligent’ modes? Are we even conscious that we are thinking or acting in a particular way? And how does our success depend on this? Come, let’s explore this territory.

What are emotions? We can call them an expression of energy. Wherever and whenever an expression arises, there are waves of expression that arise around it as a response. For instance, when a child chuckles, you react naturally or when you see someone crying, you console that person.

What is intelligence? We can call it a structure that we build, based on our sensual knowledge.
Emotion is spontaneous. Intelligence comes at its own pace.
There are two extreme and popular views on this subject. One says that all new creations are born out of emotions. The other is emphatic that it is intelligence which creates, without intelligence nothing germinates. Now, one can easily associate some professions with these categories. Artists, are believed to, belong to the emotional camp, while scientists are believed to be from the intelligent. But when the seeds of intelligence are sown in the sensitive mind of an artist, the results are astounding. The same goes for intelligent beings. When a scientist comes across an uncharted territory, what must be the state of his mind? It cannot definitely be purely intelligent, as a new discovery or invention is also a growth of his consciousness. But is this only for these ‘big’ and ‘famous’ guys? What about us, ‘the commons’?

Unhandled emotions could be a trouble! And looking at everything wearing glasses of pure intelligence can be a disaster too – pure prejudice. Is there a way out?

When in a fix, these four steps have worked for me.
1) Exercise your intelligence to its end. Think of the problem or situation from all possible views.
2) If you see a rational structure in it, work from that end.
3) And if you fail to arrive anywhere, accept a temporary solution for the problem that ‘works’. In most situations, the solution is an emotional one – possibly a natural reaction.
4) Keep testing the problem time and again in the crucible of your intelligence.

Even after working hard, if you fail to find an ‘intelligent’ solution, two magical words will help. Keep Working. There may be a rational structure you haven’t stumbled upon yet. Every emotion will eventually turn out to be refined intelligence.
Enough said about emotionalligence, do share your experience on this.

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