Etiquette for Self-Growth

“Every one of us is an artist, and as an artist, you really can stroll into any venue that you want, as long as you take your time to learn the etiquette of that venue.” Terrence Howard



A language without Etiquette becomes lifeless and rude. Etiquette helps us to live a life which is well-oiled. In our day-to-day living, different situations warrant different set of Etiquette.

Etiquette can prevent many embarrassments in our life. If all the road users follow proper rules and traffic Etiquette, many fatal road accidents can be prevented and scores of life can be saved. If all the vehicle drivers and pedestrians follow road Etiquette, you can reach your destination safely and get down to work smoothly. When you enter the office and are greeted by your office mates with pleasantries, like ‘good morning sir, Hello, How are you?, Welcome Sir’, your mood gets elevated and the office atmosphere seems filled with sense of camaraderie. Etiquette ramps up your affability!

Etiquette fetches Monetary Benefits Too!

If you visit a restaurant with your family members, the waiter welcomes and greets you with “Good Evening Sir”, and “How are you Sir”. He leads you to a table and makes you and your family members sit comfortably. He delivers the item against your order in no time and serves you so politely. At the end of the eating session, you give him some extra bucks as tips. He feels elated and you feel contented with the hospitality. The Etiquette of the waiter fetches him good money. If he continues his well mannered service to all the walk-in customers, he could walk away with good money and he could laugh his way to the bank. So, I would say that Etiquette earns you money and respect. Etiquette is the essence of life!

Etiquette ensures eternity of Friendship.

Etiquette entails punctuality. Complying with an invitation from your friend or distant relatives, you present yourself on the occasion and appointed time, a friend and his family members feet elated and felicitate you for your Etiquette. So, been punctual for occasion is also wonderful form of Etiquette. It can ensure the eternity of your friendship.

Lack of Etiquette and ill mannered behavior on the field could bring embarrassment to the players and organizers. We have seen at times, players behaving oddly at the pitch and them being shown red cards and fined for not adopting appropriate Etiquette. Some cricketers were fined for behaving arrogantly and passing racial comments on the opposite team players. Passing racial comments lead to racial slur which amounts to denigrating the entire ethnic community which the players belong to. So, irresponsible behavior also amount to ill manners or lack of Etiquette.

Etiquette is needed in every walk of life. There is certain Etiquette that you need to follow during social gatherings. The Etiquette that needs to be adhered to at the dining table is called table manners. Lack of Etiquette, at times, puts you in awkward situation. For example, While all are having their food, if you speak loudly or yawn or lick your fingers, you will be laughed at and disguised for your indecent and unbecoming act. Lack of Etiquette may even fetch you the name of Pervert. If you thumb your nose at others all the time, you would be dubbed as non social being and Moron.

All human beings should be well mannered, if your newspaper boy greets you every morning you continue to buy news paper from him and you would suggest his name to neighbors and acquaintances. And one does not need money or material in order to become a lady or gentleman. We learn it by observing others and by acknowledging the fact that ‘I’d treat others the way I wish to be treated’. It also requires exchange of pleasantries and a smiling face.
Etiquette can eradicate ill-will, hatred, prejudice, avarice and what not.
Hence Let us stake a wow to be a well mannered human being. Let us make this planet a good place for all the inhabitants to live in.