Factors Of Self-Improvement

The art of living in tune with nature ingeniously entails discovering one’s innate talent which is an integral part of self-improvement. Nature bestows her riches on everyone. Hence every one has some talent or other. Human mind is not that serious and sensitive to fathom the talent and capability built within. We should not compare our position and status of life with that of others. Energy should be focused on to look into ourselves. Every individual’s thoughts should be available to find out the ways for self-improvement and personality refinement. If a person’s mind is filled with envy and jealousy, his/her perception on others would be distorted. Even if we think that we are better than others, the inner bitterness would bring us down. So, for self-improvement a broad-mindedness is always an essential ingredient. If the mind in filled with bitterness, no one can enjoy the riches of human life.

For self-improvement to flourish in our life span, we should not be taught to compare with others. Of course, comparision is an essence of human life, but it should not impact one’s psyche. Comparisions with peers and other colleagues would lead to inner chaos which is an impediment for self-improvement.

A pertinent question might arise in everyone’s mind. How can we live successfully without comparisons? Comparison has to be related very wisely. For self- improvement, we need to compare our efforts with that of some successful people. If the comparisons are done logically, we stand to benefit from that.

Some times, our colleagues’ performances are better than ours. In such scenario, a logical mind should analyze what edge do our colleagues have which we do not have. This analysis would lead us to imbibe our colleagues talent and we would start appreciating and emulating their efforts. We should always have a happy mindset with which we could explore new things for our self-betterment

For self-improvement, a creative bent of mind is essential. We should train ourselves to weed out our flaws and be able to probe new ways and means to amass more knowledge on varied topics which would set a way for our self-improvement. We should learn from the achievers and we should equip ourselves for self-refinement to face the exigencies of life. This is the way for self-improvement. We should believe that we are a treasure box of energy and vigour. We should learn to discover our talents and abilities.

With this attitude, if we lead our life positively, our family life, work life and social life will be excellent. Excelling in life should be the prime aim and ambition of human life. So, for our self-refinement and self-improvement, we need to be sensitive to all possibilities and impossibilities of human life. Self-improvement is always a viable option.

The whole thing can be put in a nut-shell: “Our altitude is determined by our attitude. So, self-improvement remains with in everyone’s reach.”