Famous Model and Activist Lauren Bush Feeds the World through ‘FEED’

Lauren Bush

Non-profit organization FEED was founded by a widely acclaimed model and activist Lauren Bush in 2007 along with Ellen Gustafson. FEED designs, manufactures, and sells reusable organic bags and the profit that comes is used to help feed the hungry. Today, FEED has hugely impacted the world for its wonderful contribution of providing 60 million meals worldwide. In 2006, Lauren first designed a reversible burlap and organic cotton bag printed with FEED 1 and “FEED the children of the world” that represented the philanthropic assistance and food distribution by WFP. She herself took interest in the feeding program (WFP) that not only fed the hungry but also initiated their education and overall well being. In 2007, she was teamed up by Ellen Gustafson who later founded ‘The 30 Project‘ an organization that works for changing the world’s food system.

Lauren and Ellen frequently travels WFP’s operating countries like Latin America, Asia, and Africa to meet and help people people. To raise funds, for the Vitamin A and micronutrient supplements program, FEED has partnered with the US Fund and workign towards providing necessary nutrients to more than 46,000 children worldwide. Moreover, together they have founded the Feed Foundation which works on eradicating malnutrition in underdeveloped and developing countries.

FEED aspires to change the world through the sale of their reusable bags, T-shirts and some other accessories. Till date, it has donated over $6 million and 60 million feeds!

The FEED Foundation

Info Source: feedprojects