FlyKly Smart Wheel is all Set to Change Everything about Daily Commuting


Niko Klansek, CEO and founder of FlyKly, has literally changed the face of transportation by means of cycling. With his team of highly skilled designers, engineers, software developers and bicycle cultural researchers, he has introduced the ‘Smart Wheel’, an ultra-slim, lightweight and relatively economical motor, that will upgrade your ordinary bike into a stylish and zippy pedal-assisted electric vehicle (or alternatively superbike) and has already launched the first working prototype in 2013.

Smart Wheel comes as ready-to-use and can be installed and removed in minutes. It can paddle up to 20 miles per-hour for a 30 miles range and to manage the speed of the motor one you integrate it to your iPhone or Pebble Smartwatch. You can also control the Smart Wheel with the FlyKly App for safety, security, and social connectivity. In the middle of the handle bar, there is a sticky pad where you can place your smart phone and recharge with USB port while enjoying the ride. On the downhill slope, FlyKly smart wheel re-charges the battery instead of consuming normal power.

You can lock smart wheel in any place and in case it is stolen, Smart Wheel will inform you its exact place or tell you the map where it is through GPS unit.

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