Fragrance of Positivity

Courtesy: Getty Images

Courtesy: Getty Images

Fragrance of Positivity, Joy, Contentment flows when one allows soul and mind to flow with the changed course of life. Flexibility paves a way to lessen, lighten and ease the fear, burden and grudges.


Zeal to celebrate the power of glance complex situation, snap judgment, heart-pounding association, rapid cognition infuses flurry of joyful thoughts, chirpy images & intoxicating exposure.
Scan the emotional stability and openness to new experiences, drink infinitely complicated and multi-dimensional problems in, rhyme clipboards of hostile dominance, a tickled pink cloud will appear on the framed copy of laurels..!!! 🙂 As in a game of tennis, it is rare to find more than three-four times double-faulting occurs out of hundreds of serves; similar shall be the role of the mentor, the one who helps flow the hidden talent within, even when all kind of mental rush, bustle of visual facts are flooding mind and atmosphere.

The journey of extraordinary imprecise process certainly is the resourcefulness of resilience, perseverance and focus. Accomplish goals and shrug off intruders..:-)

Seamless gray, wrinkled sunlight and tossed orange brainwashes the most courteous, polite and sprinkled mind, so throw away your bowlines, jump off the cliff and make yourself unreasonable and illogical to the world’s most worthless people.
Moving on with the old packet and blanket is always easy. The beliefs on the back of our soul dampen the sunny day, meant to be the most creative one. We often push our efforts towards a different arena, just for the sake of our comfort..!!! Sounds strange, still TRUE..

‘I keep doing the same things over and again and then blame surrounding factors for no productive results..!!’. Ever thought, how much weight does this statement carries and the only statement we end up with, each time.

Each one of us is on the lookout for the nectar that nourishes gray areas, the closet that spreads infinite layer of color, the fragrance that soothes the frustrations wavering in.. The cozy cuddle of comfortable zone, at times, acts as a barrier for the growth. This feeds in the heart with an assurance that the past will never be past, it shall cling onto our shell for the rest of our life. Alas! the most ravishing area turns out to be the biggest obstacle for the ‘Maturing Phase’.

A thin layer of fake beliefs turns down the promising fresh insight towards a marvelous innovation. Let the feelings of that beautiful angel be the guiding star and not the handcuffs and the booby trap..!!! Open up the deepest shackle and fly high amidst unfavorable yet traversing road. A journey for one’s betterment and up gradation!!!

People pull down plucking the energizing chord, merely they hate you????? No!!!! Strain and stretch the 1.5 Kg mass… This ‘paddling session’ is simply because they cannot succeed and hence, can’t see you doing the same!!

Stylizing tousled haircuts and funky glasses throw instantaneous impression about the complex situation one faces through constantly changing combinations. Painstaking components are the magical puzzle for the broadcasting of positive emotions..!!! STAY CHARGED.. 🙂


— June 20th, 2015