Freedom to Re-Live the Lost Opportunity


Many a times we fail to grasp the opportunity, the one that could have redefined our life leading to a lifelong grudge of this missed shot. Is it worthwhile wasting time and crying over the spilled milk? Why not get up again and think what went wrong?

One ought to define a limit, put a barricade wherein no thoughts trespass the prohibited area of remorse else one would always end up with penance. Signify the talent within and let the light enlighten people around. Only one can enhance the creativity lying relentlessly behind the orthodox doors of mind, shrugging the takeaway happiness.

Come on, Let’s START AFRESH..!!!! Things once gone..are gone forever..why sit and mourn? Clinch onto the moment and GET GOING..!!!

The path may be tough. Remember, who follows her/his Free-Will Wins the Race..because the only Driving Force to mark your marks is just the willpower and diligence one puts in. Why think age to live has surpassed the number society allows?

Time is ripe to Think, Plan a Plan, Evaluate and Implement!!!!! Give yourself ANOTHER CHANCE to RE-LIVE!!!

Re-Live the FREEDOM

1. Re-Write – Short/Long Term Goals
2. Re-Fresh – self with childhood games. Try, it’s energy booster
3. Re-Capture – the beauty of people around, the nature
4. Replenish – isolated weekends with family and friends. Nothing better than this!!
5. Rejoice – the blessings and happiness one is bestowed with
6. Replace – old, stale, worthless ideas
7. Reform – a schedule to address the
8. Redress – problems that have been for long taking toll
9. Reappear – as a school going kid where just fun and study was the only aim of life!!!
10. Relish – the taste of home-made food!! You bet it beats any ‘star-rated’ restaurant
11. Retry – the ‘fiction’ hidden deep within
12. Rejuvenate – scattered joy-notes during the busy life schedule
13. Re-Furnish – dusty heart-breakups!! Extended Warmth heals everything!!
14. Retrieve – Lost lovely conversations that once ignited beautiful relationships
15. Restore – the roots of family/society traditions
16. Recreate – World of your choice, in dreams since ages!! It’s never too late
17. Reward – loved ones, friends, employees,’s gratifies your soul
18. Reinvent – the dreams wrapped in your personal diary
19. Rebuild – few long-lasting good habits like helping a needy person
20. Retreat – under-privileged, maids, office assistants with a soft heart and tone. A smile on their face will pump in a new string of music
21. Release – waste material like stress and tension who act as parasite. Remember, host a party for people and not things!!!

Get Yourself Going for time once gone will not return how much rich you get!!! Opportunities can be shifted in one’s favor if a sincere try with a flair of gold is put on the mark.

Winners always paint a vivid picture of life which in turn reaps endless music therapies relieving a better, satisfied and jovial being!!

Stay Happy!!! Live Freely!!