Get Up and Go!

The luxury of sitting on our posteriors can be such a treat sometimes that we can’t be bothered to exercise and get fit- let alone do something useful with ourselves.

Courtesy: Denis Dore Photography

No offense to anyone, I can be a tad blunt. But, in all fairness, I do include myself amidst this particular crowd too!
It’s all so easy to wag and point fingers at other people’s mistakes and misdeeds- but we’re not that keen when it comes to reverse the finger-wagging to ourselves!
Why is that?
Why does our sense of morality awaken so easily when it comes to some other person’s problem, but not our own?
For instance, why would we rather call ourselves ‘pleasantly plump’ instead of ‘Heck-I’m overweight!!’?
I think the answers to both these questions are correlated.
How- I hear you ask? Well, I’ll explain it in just one word.
Isn’t that a mouthful for scolding us-Gen X, Y and Z (I don’t know if there’s a Gen Z, but one never knows what we can come up with next!)

Now, I’m not saying we’re just too lazy- that’s too easy and escapist a point of view.
I’m saying we lack the will, the drive, the urge, the motivation, to actually work out-both in terms of physical exercise and also in terms of working out our own problems.
Also, we are so busy fulfilling the demands of others and life, in general, that we’ve become programmed to blame and tut-tut others, because it’s their fault for doing something so (albeit apparently) irresponsibly.
Sometimes, we’re so immersed in matters and demands of other people that we can simply overlook our own shortcomings.
For instance, we think, if politicians can do this all the time, why should we weigh ourselves down so much?

If we care about others so much, why shouldn’t we care about ourselves?
Why shouldn’t we be more eager to see where we are going wrong?
And where we’re going right too!

Why do we delay and defer this whole process of ironing out our creases (read: flaws)? What’s there to be afraid of…it’s only you?

Every time we point a finger at someone else’s bloopers, methinks we should program our minds and consciences to think of what exactly would we have done or not done to prevent or clear his/her/their mess up, in the first place?

If we can find practical answers or solutions to these bloopers, we’re ok then, aren’t we?
If we can’t, we can still wag that finger (sure, we have the right to) and the rest of it, but we could also bother to get up and go and take the stairway to real Success!

©Copyright SudakshinaBhattacharjee 2012