Harry Moran, the World’s Youngest App Developer

irishexaminer.com/ Daragh Mc Sweeney

12-year-old Harry Moran ventured into tech world to fulfill his intellectual appetite. He developed his first game named PizzaBot, which started as an assignment for the computer club CoderDojo. A month long project inspired and flamed his desire to continue. His game PizzaBot soon raked at number two in the games category and topped the paid game category ahead of thriving Angry Birds. The app is accessible to download for Macs as well as iPhones and iPads. PizzaBot is can be found in the AppStore for sale for 79c.

Harry Moran initiated leaning programming, Objective C, to develop the app. He is the son of Sean Moran who is an engineer and manager at Sanmina SCI in North Cork. According to his family, they are not from computer backgrounds, but Harry himself developed passion for computer programming and coding. In Harry’s words, “I just love doing this. It makes sense to me”.

Currently, Harry lives on Model Farm Road in Cork City and also writes blog, HM Computing that provides technology and software advice. Harry also claims to be the youngest Mac OS X developer in the world

Info Source: irishexaminer