I’ll Have What He/She’s Having!

I’ll Have What She’s Having!! Photo: sheknows.com

Why are we so easily dissatisfied with our own lot- i.e.withour own self, with what we have, who are we and what we do?

For instance, while it doesn’t help that your best friend/relative’s partner looks drop dead gorgeous; morality (or what’s left of it) says we shouldn’t drool over and dream of being with the aforementioned Beau or Belle All. The. Time!

Why would we rather break a loving or potentially-loving relationship and forge-yes forge-it into our lives?

Why do some of us get such a pleasure and thrill from breaking someone’s home up and make it their own instead?

Is this what real Success involves alongside those of us who toil hard to get what we want?

Isn’t breaking up a home akin to trampling over a sincere professional at work and getting that promotion which they didn’t deserve to get via such devious schemes?
If we can have the motivation to plot, cheat and deceit, why can’t we muster up a little more motivation to get what we want by working hard via the ethical and decent path?

Is it because we just can be bothered? Or is it because we are chicken?
Or, is it both?

Probing deeper, it could very well be because we we think we can’t find another Guy or Girl like Him or Her and therefore think and feel it’s easier to break what’s already been made.

Yes, that will make life easier, make us more popular with our families and friends, make the kids love the step-parent more than their real parents?

Sarcasm aside, maybe it will, but won’t it take a lot of hard work to achieve this? If so, are we afraid of hard work or do we simply want what they have?

Are we confusing consumerist success with personal success in today’s age of instant gratification?
If so, how healthy is this sort of motivation for us physiologically and psychologically?
Your thoughts please…

The author can be contacted at [email protected] and her blog: Sudakshinakina.Wordpress.Com