India A Country of Trojans

My book INDIA..A COUNTRY OF TROJANS?? is focused on the ills of our country rather than the achievements. These can be addressed and attended with strong will, else we are heading straight for our doom, loosing ourselves, our society and our country in sea of greed, inaction and self centeredness!

We India as a country have a very wide diversity and various traditions interwoven like a nest of a weaver bird! You can pull it, smash it but it won’t come apart! Until and unless you burn it! This is exactly the plight of India..

We can’t think about ourselves without diversity of religions, castes, class & sects. We are facing negativities like miscommunication in relationships, population burst, (social) child crimes & labour, female foeticide, child rapes, teen suicides, dowry, terrorism, corruption, political instability, naxalism etc.

We are fortunate to have positivities like Economic boom, scientific revolution, abundant opportunities and literary talent, which have become the main organs of this great land in modern times.

We were never about a single leader or a single issue but the whole country, as inspite of being different from home to home, we were always a social country! Our society is the strong thread to which we connect by a thin line. But, we are facing a grave danger of losing our essence and identity of what we are!

After the economic boom there were winds of change in every sector and field but we have not cope up with the same. The opportunities were increased by leaps and bounds but we have made sure not to change ourselves according to that..We have done our best to accommodate ourselves in the space but not adapt to it..
The younger generation has picked up the wave of opportunities easily and now are challenging the might and existence of the conservative, traditional and cultural (unsaid) rules and laws of the society..

Multiple relationships, teen sex, pornography, social networking, sex discussion and choosing their own way of life is as common as every household. The question WHY NOT? has become their slogan.. We were not prepared for this!

In career sector,competition has increased and so have survival, which has given opportunity to unethical ways of surviving which in turn has affected life and relationships till the core..and the worst part about it is we are doing nothing about it..The fear of losing the freedom, money and choice scares us and we are willing to go to any extent to save our resources..Relationships have taken a beating and are sliding swifty towards degradation..We are losing ourselves!

We Indians have a habit of using a disguise to hide our plight and never address our problems! Our two faced existence is like a cancer eating us from inside. We are used to hero worship and never take the initiative. Our lack of willingness is destroying our foundation and NO SOCIETY CAN STAND ON SELF CENTERED SELFISH, WEAK FOUNDATION..

My book deals with various scenarios of our daily life right from the relationships to career, education, choice of relationships, dealing with ones sexuality, communication with loved ones, political analysis, social survey’s, knowing of several facts which one common man is not even aware of..I have tried to be the mediator bringing you the facts of our country we live in which will help you to make proper decisions which in turn will help you to lead a organized and healthy life, make your family our society more knitted and interwowen and make our country a jewel in the crown of the universe!! I have faith and belief it can be done, its difficult but not impossible! The question is whether you do?

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