Inspirational Story of Jyothi Reddy: from a Daily Wage Laborer to becoming CEO of Keys Software Solutions

Every success story has a humble beginning which proceeds through extraordinary events, and extreme life journeys. The story of Jyothi Reddy – CEO of Keys software solutions, is one of them. Her sum total of honesty towards her small efforts and willingness to keep advancing in life changed her life.

A Solitary and Painful Early Life:

D. Anila Jyothi Reddy was born in Narasimhula Gudem in Hanumakonda mandal as the eldest of four children to an ordinary poor peasant who had lost his job during emergency. While schooling, the depths of poverty unfolded to its extremity and forced her to an introvert life in a government orphanage BALASADAN for long five years and when she completed her 10th class with good marks, she reached the greatest climax of making full stop to her studies. But education was something for which she remained passionate about.

Hardship Makes you Strive for Better Prospects:

The financial disposition of her family compelled her to get married at the tender of sixteen and by the age of eighteen, she became mother of two girl children. To meet the basic requirements of her family, Jyothi started working as an agricultural laborer for 5 Rupees a day and continued working from 1986 to 1989. Jyothi would mostly work in the fields and struggled to find a job in off seasons. Her tumultuous life changed the day when Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) founded a night school with the intention of providing basic education for the villagers. As she was the only educated girl at her village, they appointed her as a trainer for Rupees 150 a month. A sudden change in life ignited Jyothi’s passion for education once again; her enthusiasm and hard work towards her responsibility overwhelmed the Inspection Authorities who immediately promoted her Mandal Prerak of Hanumakonda. During the time, she realized the importance of education and she went on to completing her graduation and post graduation Ambedkar Open University. Later, on completion of her B. Ed from Anna University, Jyothi Reddy became a government teacher. It was the initial stage that she successfully achieved through slow but steady steps.

Jyothi Reddy in Red Sari, year 1990:

Combination of her Dreams and Dedication Built a Competitive Drive:

While working as inspector of schools, she came in touch with one of her relatives who was settled in the United States. After meeting them on some occasions, Jyothi realized how a completely different lifestyle they led. It was the time she first dreamed of going abroad for a bright future of her daughters. There is saying, “Success is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Jyothi began preparing herself for a healthy lifestyle and learnt computers, began saving money for her passport and visa. Back in those days, getting US Visa wasn’t an easy task; Jyothi tried for several times and failed. Somehow she managed a visiting visa and flew with a little amount. Here obstacle did not stop here; all her relatives turned off their faces and denied giving her shelter. She was finally accepted as a paying guest at a Gujarati family.

Jyothi joined a video shop in “Movie Time” in New Jersey as a salesperson. While working, her perseverance was noticed by an Indian from Warangal on whose recommendation she got a job as recruiter at a company called CSAMERICA. It was a climbing phase of her economic and career ladder. Several months later, a reputed company ICSA offered her a better position with handsome salary. However, after working for some day the company asked her to resign for not owning a working Visa. She resigned from ICSA and once again worked for just $5 an hour doing several offbeat jobs until the day she received her H1 Visa.

Getting the Visa Stamped, in Jyothi’s words, was one of the most painful and dreary experiences. She had to go to Mexico and live for a great length of time. She came back to the U.S. in May 2000 and became entrepreneur with her own initiation. Her honesty without slightest anxiety of result was supreme investment for good fortune.

Toughest Journey with Exciting Conclusion:

Today, Jyothi Reddy’s success is not limited to her family or friends; it inspires thousands of self-trapped excusists to rise above their countless defeats and fight against their stormy presence with courageous heart and claim a better future. She proves that to be successful, one does not have to be equipped with exceptionally brilliant qualities or talents, what requires is aspiration, desperation, perseverance to accomplish, which most people think to be impossible. She is also a live example of ‘harder you work and luckier you get’.

Break your so called perception about yourself if it limits you, expand your courage if difficulties challenge you, and answer your obstacles if it attempts to confine you. Jyothi Reddy is one of many success stories which prove “Nothing’s Impossible”.

  • Hi Mousumi Kumar Saha…

    Thanks for this article .I would like to know more about Jyothy Reddy. Can you help me?

  • Moushumi Saha, thank you very much for such an inspiring story. Stories of this type are the only light that keeps illuminating dark days of my life and keeps me going on. thanks again and regards.

  • anuja

    Thank u for sharing this Inspiring story with us.
    One question I have in my mind….what about her family in this her whole tough journey? What about her family & her daughters? Who had taken care of them?
    As a mother of twins I am interested to know this.

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    Hats Off!!

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  • H1 Misuse

    She went US on visitors Visa and started working. That is illegal in USA. Was she qualified for H1B? Funny.

    Hope USCIS will see this article.

    • Hi,
      This is JYothi Redy from USA.
      I got H1 Visa and have been working on H1B only.
      Got Green Card now and my kids have been studying her.
      I am doing well and thanks for your time to write about me.
      Anil Jyothi Reddy.

  • thank u so much for sharing such a motivational article..but i have the same query ..what about her family during her struggling period n is she really so educated? How she learnt evrything in the u.s.a n got the h1 visa.. it’s not so easy and what about her husband .what he did..plz share some more information

  • Reader

    Hello Madam, Very nice to read your story. However, I have few questions. As stated in this article, is that true you have worked on visitors visa initially? or have you been on H1 from the day 1 in US and worked in non-IT jobs i.e., sales person etc? little confused, because both are illegal as per USCIS immigration rules, i.e. working in non-IT jobs while on H1 or working on any job while on visitor visa… so just to be clear/careful, if someone want to take inspiration from this article upon reading your story…

  • Sudheer

    Nice line – Break your so called perception about yourself if it limits you. This will be a quote to remember..

  • Kumar

    Sorry. I don’t find this story very inspiring. She struggled so hard, became a teacher and eventually she got promoted, so far good. Going to America and starting a company(based on the website it appears just a bodyshopping consulting company typically owned by many desis) can be acheived if someone got some talent, some support, motivation and a bit of luck. I’m not underplaying her acheivements. I’m just saying that struggling and winning are very common in our soceity and if you look around you’ll find many such examples.

    I would have found the story more inspiring if she had directly helped people who are struggling like her (Visiting support homes and financially helping them is very basic and done by many people). I’m surprised this story is published in a popular magazine. In my opinion, we should encourage stories of people not only escaped the struggle but help others move up the ladder or find creative solutions to reduce the problem. There are many people who are doing that and only some of them got the media attention.

    Sorry to stand different from the general feeling & opinion but I’m sure we all support and appreciate the freedom of expression.

  • It feels so sad that many people have been sending comments with indecent words. What shall I call them?
    Jealous or afraid to struggle and dream of a better life.

    She is real and so is her success. I did not write this article to promote her…Does she need any promotion?
    You click on the link above (The Telegraph)
    By the way, I am in touch with her and going to meet her soon.

    • Ashwath

      Hello Mousumi… First of all I would like to appriciate you for this article…. and also thanks for sharing link of Telegraph .. There its mention she “studied” some course in US means she must hold F1 … So her struggle till got H1 is not illegal … coz so many people are working on F1 and they are eligible to work for part time jobs… !! Is my assumption true … !! please clarify to the people who has doubt about her work authorization initially at USA.

      • Thanks Ashwath!

        I hope people have watched her life journey on Times Now and read about her on India Today. Last week, she was featured on “Amazing Indians”
        The entire Times Now crew visited her office in the U.S as well as the place she comes from. I feel sad that some people will criticize you no matter what 🙂


    hi Mousumi
    Dr. Anil Jyothi Reddy is one remarkable woman. Do not feel sad if others are not emphathatic to your cause. It is important that she believed in whatever she wanted from her life and strived hard to achieve. No Dreamer is too small nor the dreams. Hats off to her! There may be neumerous success stories but that does not diminishes your success.

    • Thanks very much Sunila 🙂
      I really shouldn’t be bothered on who says what. The problem is with our attitude. In western world there are countless boys and girls dropping out schools and colleges to pursue their passions; on the other hand, we still believe in collecting degrees and eyeing on government jobs.

  • Hi Mousumi 🙂

    I sent a msg to Jyothy Reddy . But still i cant get a replay from there.I think she is busy.Anyway thanks a lot mousumi for your help.I expect more valuable articles from u.. U can ! God Bless u.

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  • Sathish

    Jyothi Reddy,

    You are really rocking in indian news channel’s.

    I am bit jealous about you..should admit, I came to US on H1 in 2001 couldnt succeed as like you.


  • jatin kumar patro

    nice…thank you for uploading such inspirational biography….

    • Thanks Jatin!
      Well, one of the things that I like about Jyothi Reddy is her passion towards her work. She has been featured in the list of “Times Now Amazing Indians” and she is as humble and grounded as ever 🙂

  • Sudheer.v

    I felt real great soul, while listening her words in a Interview telecast of HMTV: Fist of Bold Inspirational energry will restore. Best of luck to her.

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    Talent, hardwork and luck lead to great success :congratulations Jyoti Tai

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    i congratulation mousumi also, the way you describe the story it’s also remarkable.

    Really Jyothi reddy is inspiration



  • Mohammed Ismail

    Very rare gem Indians bring good reputation to India and this sister Jythothi Reddy has brought India to a great cause and inspiration. She made India proud. This Article also is so effectively written so, great regard and thanks to the editor. In my opinion a very clean (full family including Old aged and children watchable) Hollywood or Bollywood movie is to be made on this story. This is the true inspiration for all Indians. However, Indian feminines are these days getting western dressed and opting modelling profession, which is bringing serious damage to the Indian culture, tradition and reputation, but, every Indian girl/lady should learn from this noble woman, how the true Indian woman should be….

    • Thanks Ismail Jee!
      I appreciate your encouraging words. Please read another rags-to-riches story of a woman who rose from slum and went on to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur:

      • Mohammed Ismail

        Thanks Mousumi Mam,
        Though the story of (Ms.Kalpana saroj) the link you shown here also is inspirational, but, Ms.Jyothi Reddy’s is related to Education. Gaining higher qualification and reaching higher positions are truly Hard-work that made her success, however Ms.Kalpana Saroj’s is just the Luck and her fate worked out for her success. So, Hard-work of Ms.Jyothi Reddy cannot be compared to luck of Ms.Kalpana. Ofcourse, both the woman shown inspiration and become the role model for Indian woman. These days we are having cancerous disease of seeing every girl/lady/woman being becoming a model/actress wearing filthy dresses and bringing down the India’s rich image to a gutter, but, my concern is “these true Indian women made India’s culture to glow and flourish again” Thanks and I request you to make survey on more and more such true stories and do a noble cause Mam.

        • Both the women are close friends 🙂
          Adversities can’t be compared. Ever try listening to Mr. Saroj and you’ll get the picture clear. She’s really worked hard to achieve things in life. “The Harder you Work the Luckier you Become.”
          Try searching the following names in SuccessStories’ search box:
          Dashrath Manjhi
          Jadav Payeng
          sindhutai sapkal

          Ryan Blair

          Have a good Day 🙂

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      Thanks Brother, I fully agree with your views,

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    Inspirational story. Should be included in school curriculum

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    Hatts off jyothi reddy are the real inspiration person for me.

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    Very inspirational story.

    No offense. But this story tells she was on visiting visa. It is illegal to work on tourist visa in USA. It is only for 6-months. It looks like from the story written above, she some how stayed there till she gets a working H1visa….She is lucky that she was not caught and deported

    Anyway it is a good story of hardword and success.

  • Vijay Kumar Bagla

    Really she is the creator of her own Destiny, thanks for sharing her success story, I am moved, coz my Guruji Babaji Shivanandji also use same philosophy in His teachings blessings, sewa shivirs.,”,You are the creator of your own destiny.”

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